What is the best mutual fund?

Investing in mutual funds is widely used, because it allows smaller investments for short or long periods. The mutual fund is one of the ways, people with smaller capital to invest in bonds, stock or similar assets, attempting to increase it.

We all thought about investing in securities and the possibility of high return in long time periods, but to do it alone - we must have big enough capital. This why we use mutual funds, they allow us to invest smaller amount of money, while others like us do the same. At the end - the fund has even more capital than single huge investor and can operate and invest in anything - from equity to investment debt. The mutual funds have a money managers, who are the people controlling the capital and investing it, following the objectives. The mutual funds have initial prospectus, where its structure and objectives are stated and must be followed. Usually the fund's objectives cover the type and period of its investments and the managers must operate according to them, but also attempting to increase the investors' capital.

The mutual funds invest on different assets - from large-cap to small-cap companies, in bonds, in government and corporate debt, in stock and many more. The investment can be long and/ or short-term, depending of the desire of the investors and fund's objectives. If it's targeted short teem income the mutual fund invest in equity, where the risk is higher, but the return is faster; the equity also has long-term option, where the return rate is high, but the investor must be ready for higher risks, too.

The long-term investments of the mutual funds are mostly with medium or low risk and lower return rate in short time period; government debt and other securities are the preferred direction of these investments. These investments have very good return rate for longer time periods, five-ten years.

While considering in which fund to invest, you will make a research, to make sure that you will participate in some of the best on the market - a successful mutual fund. There are some things to pay attention for, while trying to find out - what the best mutual fund is.

First you should decide what you want - money quickly or regularly, smaller, but safe income; then you must understand- what risks you are willing to take. After taking these decisions, you will know which are the preferred mutual funds you are looking for.

Then to determine the "best mutual fund" - you need to look at some particular things:

- the most important is the return rate the fund has for different time periods - it must be high enough - 15-17% at least.

- Then you need to check the taxes and fees the fund has for different operations - they must be according to law and as low as it is possible.

- The manager's evaluation is also highly important, because they are these, who invest your money.

The best mutual fund is the one, which has stable and reliable income, along with short term investments, which allow the shareholders to invest even more capital - the balanced mutual fund.