What is Bill Gates known for

Microsoft cofounder & world's richest man Bill Gates is generally revered today as one of the extreme philanthropists.

But it wasn't constantly that way.

Gates' public identity has undergone a huge change in the 39 years that Microsoft has been around. At first he was recognized as a brilliant-but-obnoxious official wiz kid. Then, as a wonderful but bad-tempered CEO. Then, as a ruthless entrepreneur taken down by the Section of Justice. Then, as a visionary technologist subject to infrequent email irritabilities while keeping watch over then-Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.

And simply after all that did he become a full-time philanthropist serving save the world's children from polio, malaria, poverty, & bad education.

So it's not astonishing that over the years, Microsoft staffs and others who knew him in the initial days have a lot of stories about him, as a current thread on Quora proved.

Salary: If you take into account tax & drill down his salaries, Gates makes over $100 per second.

Education: With an IQ of 160, Gates is categorized as a genius. It's not a wonder to find out he scored 1590 out of 1600 in his academy SATs. He fell out of Harvard University aged 20 and reverted over 30 years later to be awarded an volunteer Doctor of Laws degree in 2007.

Best known for: Being the co-founder of Microsoft & the richest man in the sphere. Gates is also a philanthropist and is recognized for his helpful work in Africa, particularly his efforts to get rid of diseases such as Polio.

Current role: Technology advisor to the Microsoft board.

Career history: Gates broke into the tech sphere by writing a BASIC package for the Altair computer system in company with his friend Paul Allen.

He fell out of Harvard to set up a corporation called Microsoft (firstly Micro-Soft) with Allen in 1975.

At age 23, Gates lead Microsoft & the company made $2.5million in 1978.  

Microsoft’s progress to tech massive began in 1980 when IBM was watching for software to use on its approaching Personal Computer (PC) system.

Gates bought software for $50,000 and modified it to run on IBM’s hardware. Recognized as MS-DOS, IBM attempted to purchase the source code, but Gates refused. Being a understanding businessman he asked IBM to pay a licensing fee for each PC which was going to use the software. This endorsed the firm to license software to every PC manufacturer, & the income model is still used today.

In 1985, Gates & Microsoft launched its major operating system with a graphical user interface (GUI). Recognized as Windows it came to market nearly two years afterward being announced.

In 1986, Microsoft went public with an early public offering (IPO) of $21 per share. In 1987, Gates come to be a billionaire when the share price better to over $90 per share.

The Microsoft Office creation suite was released in 1989 & under Gates’ tenure the Windows operating system was invigorated every couple of years.

Gates walked down from the day-to-day processes in 2000. He handed over the controls to a college friend & 20 year Microsoft expert Steve Ballmer.