What is Bill Gates email address

There is no such a way to contact bill gates, but many people try to communicate him via email here am going to show you some use full email address and contact info about bill gates.

One thing more you cannot directly communicate to Bill gates firstly you have to make an interaction with his office crews if your mail will be accepting the forward it to BIL Gate, You can try to drop down your message at media@gatefoundation.org if you are lucky enough you will get a reply.

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Bill Gates, actual name William Henry "Bill" Gates III was born in 28th October, 1955. He is an American business tycoon, investor, sponsor, computer programmer, & inventor. Gates is the previous CEO and chairperson of Microsoft Company, the major personal-computer software corporation in the world. He is consistently ranked in the Forbes list of the sphere's wealthiest people & was the richest person generally from 1995 to 2009 but in 2008, when he was placed 3rd. In 2011 he was the richest American and the world's 2nd richest person. Gates turns into the world's richest person over again in May 2013, a position that he previously held on the list in 2007 Rendering to the Bloomberg Billionaires List.

Bill Gates might have predicted the admiration of an e-mail two decades ago, but 3 days he says his inbox isn't as flooded as you might suppose.

The tech icon exposed Wednesday that he only gets a little dozen emails per day, & shared his mysteries for staying on top of the whole thing that comes in.

"I only get possibly 40 or 50 emails a day, it's not that much," he told TODAY.com. "Several of them have vast attachments where people think you to read a 10-page memo & make comments, and some are just simple greetings of something. So you process some, & get back to others at night. If You make sure if you put rather off you get back to it later."

While it doesn't sound like Gates performs a strict "Inbox Zero" approach, his routine of handling every message he gets help him stay connected to the countless projects he's juggling.

"It's continuously tricky, but email's the way I stay in touch with equipment," he said. "You continually wonder what might come up, what novel problem...I first find out about difficulties ,often with a part of email."

It's no astonishment Gates is on top of his inbox, given that he's had 20 years to get relaxed with the impression of e-mail. Back in the 1990s, he predicted the future in a meeting with TODAY.

"One of the great things over the next couple years will be getting the computer on sufficient desktops that we'll really communicate using what's named electronic mail," he told Tom Brokaw. "And it's astonishing to me that it's not happening a slight faster."