What is Bill Gates doing now

For the previous five years, Bill & Melinda Gates have put out a yearly letter, showed on Warren Buffett’s fabulous Berkshire. A +% shareholder letter which helps set the global philanthropic program. This year, they’ve taken a changed tack: rather than list their groundwork’s wins, losses and priorities, the letter, released today, takes the form of a platform. Really, an anti-manifesto

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In a wide-ranging discussion, Gates arrived into the spirit of the occasion, waxing lyrical about a diversity of topics, from his immersion in designing Windows to his wide philanthropy.

He definite that his new Microsoft role will take up a third of his time, but when inquired to clarify it, he mysteriously replied, "I make sure we pick determined scenarios and that we have a strong construction to deliver on them. I inspired good work (hopefully)."

While authorizing that his role is going to be mainly based around product work, and praising the virtues of his time working on Microsoft Windows & Microsoft Office, he proposed that the work isn't over and cloud addition is the future.

"The Windows project, which necessary a lot of patience was excessive. The Office was also excessive. Together they clear the big success of the 1990s for Microsoft. Office connected to the cloud has a LOT of probable and we are off to a decent start. Cloud Storage requirements to be a lot richer though."

Increasing on cloud storage, he explained, "I am happy about how the cloud & novel devices can help us communicate and cooperate in new ways. The OS won't just be on one device and the info won't just be files - it will be your history with being able to review memories of things like children growing up.

"I was thrilled Satya requested me to pitch in to make certain Microsoft is ambitious with its improvement. Even in Office there is a lot further than can be done."

When requested what he would study were he a computer science student now, his response was definite. He said, "The ultimate is computers that study. So called deep learning which started at Microsoft & is now being used by numerous researchers looks like a real advance that might finally learn. It has previously made a big difference in video and audio respect - [there's been] more progress in the previous [three] years than ever before."

Gates seemed to be very clear on his path going onward, & he said he looked forward to the next form of Microsoft Office, which will be 100 percent cloud based & intelligent.

We doubt that it will be brainy enough to do the writing for you, however.

We doubt that it will be smart enough to do the writing for you, though.

Further revelations from the AMA comprised that his number one guilty pleasure acquisition was his private plane, that he could no longer jump over chairs, & the fact that he likes doing the dishes himself, as no one else does them the method he likes them.