Warren Buffett and Bill Gates

A time ago Warren Buffett provided $30 billion to his friend and bond partner, billionaire Gates’ philanthropic Organization. Buffett’s message: Does not play secure with my billions, hit a home run! Sorry Mr. Buffett, but homers are a currency a dozen, over 4000 in the majors last year alone.

And cash-wise the billionaires are 2 of the uppermost paid in their association: Buffett’s now value $67 billion. Gates’s net value has detonated in $80 billion. The rich keep attainment richer, so they both have more billions to give away, to save the world, to make the world a superior place.

So nowadays, no mere homers, Bill Gates and Buffett should hit grand slams to acquire in philanthropy’s Hall of Fame. So what would an actual grand slam homer seem like for 2 of the greatest-paid hitters in the Billionaires Big Association? Mainly, you call it. Like Babe Ruth directing to the center field fence, game 3 in contradiction of the Cubs in the 1932 World Series. Next pitch he homered.

Yes, the billionaires previously pointed to the boundary, they have named and totally agreed on what a real grand slam is for billionaire donors in this new league.

Back in 2009 Gates prearranged a super-secret gathering of billionaires in NY. Who came: Rockefeller, Buffett, Soros, Turner, Bloomberg, Oprah and others come in at the “home of Sir Paul a president of Rockefeller University.

Throughout an afternoon period each had “15 minutes to present their preferred cause. After dinner they conversed how they might settle on an ‘umbrella cause’ that could attach their interests.”

So what’d these billionaires agree is the actual deal, a grand slam, and the largest time bomb for the upcoming of America, for entrepreneurship, for the whole world? The one huge matter that must be solved or it will end civilization as we see it?

Climate, food, water, even energy are not the main difficulties

Overlook climate change, hunger, poverty. Nor is Big Oil our major problem. So what is the world’s utter major problem, one like the trigger contrivance on a nuclear bomb, the one that’s previously starting wars, mutinies, pandemics, slow down economic growing, finish capitalism, finishing modern civilization? The one that if not solved rapidly renders entire attempts to solve whole the other problems in the globe irrelevant, useless and almost impossible? The one that calls for directing to the fence, hitting a grand slam.

Yes, the population is so out of control we want a three-grand-slam solution, quick, for the reason that entire the other difficulties are getting worse, fast, because of worldwide population explosion. In fact, Gates even planned restrictive world population to 8.3 billion, never explanation that it’d limit economic progress for capitalists who want a steady supply of new customers for future growing.

Bottom line: The Gates Billionaires League totally decided that overpopulation is the globe’s number one problem. polluting, impacting, hurrying and magnifying whole other problems; food, liquid, energy, climates, the whole thing.