Top 10 mutual funds to invest

Mutual fund investments are among the most preferred way to participate in bonds or stock operations, because they allow people with smaller capital to enter. If the investments are successful, depending of their type, the investors take different return rate for different period.

If you decide to invest in mutual fund, you need to make sure that it is very successful ( in the ideal case), by checking some details. The results of the past years help also - if the last year the mutual fund performed well it probably would this year, too; still the past results are not the most important criteria. The evaluation of the money manager is, if the fund changed its manager - you may even don't know it; so if you could check this professional and his performance - he will control your investments, after all.

The top mutual funds to invest in India, this year are also the top performers of the year; they attracted enough new capital and made smart investments, which brought high return rate:

1)ICICI Pru Focused Blue Chip Fund - investing in large-cap companies, the fund has highest annual return of 17%, beating the competition. It has very clear strategy and good performance on long run; long-term investments 8-10 year are recommended.

2)UTI Equity Mutual Fund is also one of the best investment options; the fund has 80% invested in equity and related instruments and the rest balances with investment debt. With annualised return of 16% it is one of the best places for long term investments.

3)HDFC Top-200 Fund - with annualised return of 15% it passes its benchmark; invests primary in equity and balances with 10% investment securities. Strong performer to invest in - for ten year investments in ensured 22% return.

4)HDFC MidCap Opportunities Fund - also strong performer with annualised return of 25%, thanks to investing in mid-cap and small-cap companies. Very good mutual fund to invest in.

5)The Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund is also among the recommended funds to invest in; it invests in mid-cap companies (75%) and has return of 24% the last five year period. The fund shows different scheme than the rest in the business.

6)Another name in the list is the UTI Mid Cap Fund, which has 23% of annualised return; it is an open-ended fund and invests in mid-cap companies. Attractive for high risk investors.

7)Reliance Equity Opportunities Fund - one of the funds, which invest in sectors and companies, where infrastructure, FDA inflows or other economical reforms are applied. Among the top performers with 22% of annualised return.

8)The Franklin (I) High Growth Cos fund is another performer to invest it; it primary invests in growing or potentially growing companies (sectors). This mutual fund scheme had generated 20% of annualised return for the 5 year period.

9)And 10. - the HDFC and ICICI Balanced Funds -both invest in equity and investment debt, balancing 60% to 40%. The HDFC has 2% higher annualised return of 20%; but ICICI is also top performer with 18%, far beyond its peers.