Top 10 mutual funds in india

In India many people understand well the use of the funds and the investments in them are grown. In fact, the availability to invest as much as you can, with some minimum made many Indians to give it a thought and start using it.

In fact, mutual fund investments became huge industry, valued on over $3.3 trillions, which generate millions of dollars profits every year. Just in 2009 the mutual funds brought the shy sum of over $11mln, and the years till now it is constantly growing.

There are rankings, where the mutual funds are compared by many criteria and often in categories; still we can find out with are the top performers and show them to your attention.

1)At the top position is the ICICI Pru Blue Chip Focused Fund- investing primary in large cap companies, listed at the NSA and in 200 stocks. The company beats its peers with return rate of 17% the last five years; which means that a 60 000Rs investment will become 100 000 Rs return( 40 000Rs profit).

2)On second place is UTY Equity Mutual Fund, which, as the mane says invests in equity and related instruments, with medium to high risk. The fund balance with up to 20% of investments in low risk products and securities. If compared to the average return - 10.3%, the UTY Equity MF has beaten its peers with 16% annual return the last five years. It is preferred for long term investments of 10-20 years and gives what it promises.

3)HDFC Top-200 Fund is on third position in the top performers list; it invests 90% in equity and 10% in investment debt. The fund has 15% of annual return the last five years, beating almost all of its peers.

4)The fourth performer is HDFC MidCap Opportunities Fund - as the name points the fund invests in mid-cap and small-cap companies, trying to bring long term capital appreciation. 25% of annual return for the last five years.

5)Fifth - the Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund - invests in mid-cap and small-cap companies (75%), attempting to bring long term appreciation of the capital. This fund has 24% of annual return, turning a five year investment of 60 000Rs to 138 000Rs now.

6)Top six is the UTY Mid Cap Fund - an open equity fund, which mainly invests in mid-cap companies. It has passes its benchmark having annualised return of 23%.

7)Reliance Equity Opportunities Fund - it specialize investing in sectors with infrastructure changes, economical reforms or/ and FDA changes. It brings 22% of annualised return to its investors.

8)Franklin (I) High Growth Cos Fund - operates in Indian sectors ( or companies) which have a potential of fast growth or are growing; and companies, which offer the best rate between risk, growth and valuation. Annualised returns for the last 5 years around 20%.

9)HDFC Balanced Fund - invests in both equity (60%) and investment debt (40%); the balances investments bring annualised return of 20% for the last 5 years.

10)ICICI Balanced Fund - it also invests minimum of 60% in equity and related instruments and balance with investment debt. This methods allows the fund to beat its benchmark and to have annualised return of 18% for the last five year period.