Top 10 mutual funds for sip

The mutual fund is widely spread way to invest money bonds, stock and other similar assets; the difference here is that people with relatively small investments can enter and invest, too. In fact, the idea of mutual funds is that, to allow smaller investors to participate in big games.

The more usual definition says that the mutual fund allow these which don't have large sums to invest, to buy shares and become part of the investment game. The mutual fund gather enough people, who bring the necessary funding, and which share the future profit and losses, according to the number of shares they have. The mutual fund is the chance to start and become big enough, to participate alone.

If investing in mutual funds is safe and always brings profit?

The answer is of course, no; some of the mutual funds bring high profit rate, but many don't; this is why you must be very careful, when picking where to invest. Here are the top 10 mutual funds in India, according to MyInvestmentIdeas:

1)Position one is for - ICICI Pru Focus Blue Chip Fund, its objective is to invest in large capital companies; 20, chosen from 200 stocks listed on NSE. The fund has very high return rate for the period 2010-2015, the 17% for five years. This means that if you invest 60 000Rs for five years sip, you will get over 101 000Rs at the end of the period.

2)UTY Equity Mutual Fun- primary investing in equity and related instruments - 80% of its capital ( medium and high risk investments); and 20% in investing debts and similar. This fund has 16% of return rate the last five years, which make it almost as good as the one before.

3)HDFC Top-200 Fund- invests 90% in equity and large-cap companies and 10% in low risk investments. It has return rate of 15% for the last five years, which make it definitely a performer; the ten year plans give 22% profit rate.

4)HDFC MidCap Opportunities Fund, which invests in mid and small-cap companies and wants to generate long-term appreciation of the capital. This fund scheme has the nice 25% return rate, the last five year period, which make it extremely attractive for investment.

5)Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund, here the objective is similar -investing in mid-cap and small-cap companies, in order to create long-teem appreciation of the capital. The fund invests 75% of its assets in smaller companies and manage to have profit rate of 24% for five year period.

6)UTI MidCap Fund, open ended unity fund, which points also to the " capital appreciation" investing in medium capital stocks. It performs well compared with its peers, with 23% of profit rate for five years.

7)Reliance Equity Opportunities Fund - primary invest in stocks and companies affected by infrastructure changes and economic reforms. With profit rate of 22% the fund has passed its benchmark for the five year period.

8)Franklin (1) High Growth Cos Fund - invests in companies with good results and has 20% profit rate for 5 years.

9)HDFC Balanced Fund - combination between equity (60%) and debt instruments; profit rate for 5 years - 20%.

10)The ICICI Balanced Fund is at the end of the table - with balanced investments - equity and debt and 20% return rate for the last five years.