The road ahead Bill Gates pdf

In 1996, Bill Gates, then Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft Corporation, the sphere's largest software corporation, published the second version of his first book called "The Road Ahead". This book contracts with visions of how technological growths and the "Internet Revolution" can change our lives through a decade.

In the first three sections, Gates talks about the CPU Revolution of the last few years. He defines how he became aware with computers, how knowledge developed, how he created Microsoft and lastly, almost realized 'his' vision of carrying a Personal Computer (PC) into almost each home (at least in developed countries). That was the past. Currently, after the Computer Revolution, the following step is the Internet Revolution. At the time Gates worked on the second edition of his book, the Internet has grown a lot of popularity among the masses. But in his opinion, today's Internet is just the start of the "Information Age", which will lead to an "communicating, broadband network", available to everybody.

This network will familiarize us to new ways of communicating with other persons from all over the sphere, via electronic mail (e-mail), bulletin boards where crowds of people can discuss each possible topic, video-conferences and virtual realism. Virtual reality will let people on the network to meet in artificial, but realistic-looking worlds on their computers.

Bill Gates defines interesting new opportunities for education, commercial, and entertainment. It will be easier to find important information in the huge data pool of the communicating network. Using search engines with classy filtering techniques, you will be able to retrieve the info you need fast. You will also be able to create modified newspapers by telling a personal software agent, a computer program on the network, what your benefits are. Then the agent will select the suitable news and articles. Biographies, for instance, will not only come beside with text and some pictures, but also speeches or further audio data, and even films. There will be video on demand, so that you can watch the news program and movies that awareness you at any time.

Communication in industries will be easier and dispersed through the global communicating network as well as local, smaller corporation networks. The management hierarchies will become compliment, and the contact with customers closer. In numerous cases, you will not have to be present at your workplace anymore. Instead, you will be capable to work anywhere you want and converse with the rest of the company through the communicating network.

This method, you will have more freedom to select where you live. Problems like overpopulation in certain cities and extents, which result in crime & pollution, will be rectified in this method. Likewise, you will be less bound to make sure activities at certain times, and have the additional freedom to plan your spare time. Gates thinks that in this way persons will spend more time with their relatives.

The communicating network will also have an optimistic influence on education, as Gates is defined in chapter 9. Not only will students be proficient to ask the computer questions, which it will reply using info from the interactive network coming along with charts, tables, & animations. But they will also be able to have the computer test them, as frequently and as extended as they want.