Steve jobs and Bill Gates interview

We have seen more of Bill Gates on TV, but we'd not once seen him get emotional before. It was a striking, yet understated moment in Gates' 60 Minutes interview this week at what time Charlie Rose asked him about his longtime business challenging, the late Steve Jobs. Gates grew emotional as he remembered visiting Jobs just earlier his death. The billionaire surged up as he described their last talk, which he defined as "forward-looking."

"The boat he was at work on, he showed me," said Gates, "and communicated about how he's looking forward to being on it, even however we both knew there was a good opportunity that wouldn't occur."

"He and I, in a logic, grew up together," clarified Gates. "We were within a year of the similar age, and we were type of simply optimistic and made big corporations. And each fantasy we had about forming products and learning different and novel things-- we attained entire of it. And most of it as competitors. But we at all times retained a certain respect and communiqué, containing even when he was sick."

Video of Steve Jobs & Gates at the D5 Conference good manners of All Things Digital

Video of the Charlie Rose presents courtesy Charlie Rose.

Throughout an interview with Charlie for the 60 Minutes TV show, Bill Gates spoke about his relation with Steve Jobs, containing a visit former to his death, and how Apple did things in a different way from Microsoft. However, it was Gates’ comments on the variance between the two corporations which strike a chord now, given Microsoft’s current foray into the brave new world of tablets with its Surface Pro models and Surface RT.

When asked to talk about the difference between Microsoft & Apple, Gates turned to tablet computers, saying, “We did more of tablets well earlier Apple did, but they put the portions together in a method that succeeded.” He then put emphasis on Steve Job’s love of design as one of the regions he was envious of, and a reason Apple products became so effective, commenting that, “His sense of design, that the whole thing had to suitable a certain aesthetic … shows that design can lead you in a definite direction so that phenomenal goods come out of it.” Gates added that Jobs’ understanding of brand and advertising was also significant, describing it as, “intuitive” and “astounding.”

Once Rose’s queries turned to Gates’ personal relation with Jobs, there was not solitary clear affection from the Microsoft creator, but actual emotion concerning one of their last meetings together also. “When he was sick I got to go down and devote time with him, and we talked about what we had learned, about families, the whole thing.” Gates nonstop, “He was not being sad, it was highly forward-looking … He showed me the boat he was working on and said he was looking forward to being on it, even though we both knew there was a good probability that would not happen.”