Satya Nadella time line to success

Microsoft was on a search for the replacement for its longtime chief executive Steve, a vital time for the corporation as the sales were on the slump. The 5 month long hunt over with all of the board associates agreeing on Satya, calm, concentrated and smart executive V.P of the cloud and enterprise group. At the periods when the corporation was facing a severe race from Apple, Samsung and such other enterprises, it was a huge job to keep the deals of Microsoft from going down, let without help taking it upper. Satya Nadella, as several critics thought, was the intelligent selection for chief executive at such a time. He is the correct person to keep the corporation going the way it was going. Though, whether or not he is capable of revitalizing the customers of Microsoft as it formerly was is something that only time will tell.

Early Life

Nadlla was born to the IAS administrative Yugandhar in Ananthapur, India & were brought up in Hyderabad. He finished his bachelors education from the Manipal institute of tech in India. Like most youth, Indian engineers, Nadella left for the U.S to finish his MS from the Wisconsin University. He also planned MBA from the University of Chicago. Afterward for a short time working with the Sun Microsystems for a while, in the year 1992, he joined Microsoft. When he starts working with Microsoft, he runs several significant projects that were linked to cloud computing. Much later, he grows into the V.P of the Research and Development(R and D) for their online services division and finally, V.P of the Microsoft business division.


Satya was liable for a revolution in the technology from the client services to cloud infrastructure and facilities. Soon afterward he was made the Executive V.P of the cloud and enterprise group, he instrumentally runs the way for growing revenues of the cloud services from 16.6 dollar - 20.3 dollar billion.


It was only normal that he was then selected to be the next chief executive officer. On Feb 4th, 2014, Satya Nadella became the 3rd chief executive of Microsoft. Satya Nadella, grown-up in Hyderabad is a keen cricket lover like the rest of the billion Indians. He had full-grown up playing cricket for his college group and says that whole the management and team management abilities that he now possesses are an outcome of being part of the school cricket group. Satya Nadella recommends younger businesspersons to keep learning, and opines that persons stop growing once they stop learning

He's built excitement for up-&-coming new Microsoft goods. Microsoft's hi-tech glasses, HoloLens blew people away once it was established. We will need to see if lives up to its assurance & if thus, we need it.

He's turned certain of Microsoft's most unpleasant competitors into partners. He buried the hatchet with Salesforce thus thoroughly that its chief executive Marc Benioff has been singing Nadella's approvals. Even more awful, he's made a partnership with competing Oracle.