Satya Nadella quotes

Satya Nadella has become Microsoft’s current CEO that everybody wants to know, what will he do? Though deliberated a falling star, Microsoft remains intimidating, & Nadella’s activities could turn the corporation into a comeback child. Here are some quotes about Satya Nadella.

“Our industry does not respect belief – it only respects invention.”

Of all of Nadella’s quotes, this little sentence, which can be found initial in his first letter to the corporation as Microsoft’s CEO, is the best. In just a few of words, he allows that Microsoft is perceived as a stodgy, slow, and unhelpful organization that has damaged its fortunes, & hints that he’ll attempt to fix it.

“Be passionate & bold. Always keep learning. You stop doing valuable things if you don’t learn.”

Sure, this might sound like fluff, but recall, we’re speaking around a Microsoft CEO. This declaration, which Nadella provided to The Deccan Chronicle in a July year 2013 conference, is hardly the kind of thing you’d imagine from Steve Ballmer or even Bill Gates in the mid-90s. Nadella looks to be willing to consider what partners, clients and critics have to say, and that could go a extended towards repairing Microsoft’s useless relationship with them.

“Our job is to confirm Microsoft will thrive in a mobile and cloud-first sphere.”

This statement, from Nadella’s letter to the corporation, is exciting not only because of what it comprises but also what it excludes. Windows & Office weren’t said in his letter, while cloud services received plenty of devotion. While Nadella will no doubt support the corporation’s money-makers, he clearly feels that the prospect is in the cloud.

“In the post-Snowden world, you need to allow others to make their own cloud & have mobility of applications. That’s both as of the physicality of computing where the speed of light still matters–& because of geopolitics.”

This quote from a conference with Forbes states a lot about Nadella’s approach. Microsoft has seen no shortage of criticism over the info Snowden released, so a self-protective response or a smoke-screen of platitudes could have been predictable.

In its place, he tackles the problem, and clarifies what it means for the corporation. He recognizes that not everybody is comfortable handing data over to a third party and promises to construct products for those who’d slightly not. This bodes well for Microsoft’s stance on privacy, and specifies that the company will be more sensitive to client needs during his tenure.

“Over the next 10 years, we’ll reach a point where near everything has developed digitized.”

Nadella clarified, for example, that even farmers are using linked devices to monitor making on a large scale in real-time. This is the prospect he hopes Microsoft can prosper in, & it shows that the term “initiative market” means extra to him than the IT section at your native bank or call center. If his dream is successful, Microsoft could turn into much like IBM or Cisco, a still giant making big bucks with products maximum people don’t even recognize about.