Satya Nadella nationality

Satya Nadella an Indian-American business executive. He is the present chief executive officer (CEO) of Microsoft. He was selected as CEO on 4 February 2014, following Steve Ballmer.

Microsoft Corp called Satya Nadella its CEO, tapping an insider steeped in industry technology to speed a reversal at a software maker that assisted usher in the personal-computing stage, only to be left behindhand as the world shifted to the Web besides mobile devices.

Nadella, 46, will switch Steve Ballmer effective instantly after a five-month search, Microsoft said in a report. Bill Gates, the corporation's first CEO, will step away as chairman & devote more time to product development while enduring on the board and running his charitable foundation. John Thompson, the manager who controlled the CEO search, turn into chairman.

The novel CEO, who was born in India & joined Microsoft in 1992, takes over at a serious juncture. Customers and businesses are shunning PCs in favour of handheld devices made by opponents, sapping demand for Microsoft's top products. Also playing catch-up to the likes of Apple and Google, Nadella will be tasked with finishing strategy changes, initiated by Ballmer last year. That comprises the $7.2-billion addition of Nokia's handset unit & turning Microsoft into a worker of services & hardware.


In India, where Microsoft recognized a base 2 years before Nadella joined the corporation, the response was both ecstatic & wary. The country's expertise leaders were pleased of his attainment, but at the Indian division of Nokia (which Microsoft has bought), there was worry about the upcoming because of the Finnish company's tax argument with the Centre.

"The fact that a being of Indian origin has been reliable to fill the shoes of Bill Gates & lead the greatest impactful global technology corporation is the finest thing that could have occurred to India," said NR Narayana Murthy, the chairman of Infosys, India's 2nd largest software corporation that moreover works with Microsoft. "This is how India's brand will be improved. I pray that he thrives even more than he has prospered so far. Microsoft wants it, the world wishes it, & India wants it."

The former CEO of iGate Company & now an self-governing consultant, was of the opinion that Indians have been a part of the expertise mainstream in the US for a extended time, so in that sense the selection is not a surprise. "I don't think this is around an Indian per se - this is all around the greatest person."


Nadella developed as the top internal applicant by late November, persons told Bloomberg News at the time.

While Nadella takes experience running cloud & enterprise trades, he will need to improvement Microsoft's occurrence in customer markets, where opponents have seized the lead. The first question on the minds of detractors is whether the Microsoft expert of 22 years can bring the similar fresh thinking as an outsider, said Daniel Ives, an predictor at FBR Capital Markets & Co.