Mark Zuckerberg ex-girlfriend

Thanks to the film The Social Network, we all became very familiar with the people who helped bring about the social media giant recognized as Facebook.

Currently, with the company's IPO releasing more than 400 million shares today, we believed it might be a good time to check in & see what's going on with not only the real-life people depicted in the film, but also the stars who taken them to life in the Oscar-winning flick as well.

Mark Zuckerberg earlier girlfriend Jessica Alona

In the film, she’s “Erica Albright”, the role who left Zuckerberg at a public house, taking him into an unkind frenzy. Straightly after being strolled away from, Mark ran to his residence room to blog that Jessica was a “bitch” and that he desired something to take his mind off of her. That “something” turns to be the infamous Facemash, which let scholars compare the faces of two Harvard peers to control the most gorgeous.

The Real Mark Zuckerberg Ex-Girlfriend Jessica Alona

After watching the film, admirers are left thinking about the girl that not only lost out on touchdown herself a multi-billionaire, but was depicted as such a heart breaker. Is she smacking out anywhere, wishing she would have put up with Mark’s lack of social skills & bad attitude? Not numerous women can say that they’ve dated 1 of the richest men in the sphere.

It looks like we might never know the actual Jessica Alona at least not from Mark himself. He claims that the film was around 85% incorrect and that he’s been dating the same girl since beforehand Facebook. But can we believe that statement? No one needs to be left looking like a tactless jerk, particularly not one who got marked by his girlfriend.

Unluckily, Jessica Alona isn’t coming onward either. Maybe she’s a little uncomfortable with her portrayal in the movie or the events that happened. Or maybe, Zuckerberg is telling the truth. Maybe he actually has been in a connection with the same woman since before Facebook. The makers of The Social Network could have gotten a bit approved away in their wish for a compelling storyline.

The opening act of The Social Network, David Fincher & Aaron Serkin’s excellent takedown of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, features an important scene in which the aspiring tech titan is deserted by his girlfriend, Erica Albright, which leads him to create experimenting with interactivity on the web. In the scene, Zuckerberg is accessible as a prick and Albright as offended, but the site Albright has started (it would look to be real) isn’t faithfully short on hubris. On the site, she defines herself as “Yes the Erica Albright, who dated Mark Zuckerberg the creator of the Social Networking website Facebook.” She declares her long-ago beau and Facebook frequently.

One exciting aspect of her posts is that she authorizes that plenty of what happens in the movie is fiction, made whole cloth by Sorkin for his unusually airtight script. The story arc of a movie has its demands, & fealty to facts has to be lost.