Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan

It looks social networking is however taking the entire sphere by storm on line and in the media, mostly facebook. It has gotten to the point when I hear the recognize Mark Zuckerberg I'm commencing to believe household appliance. I usually wonder what happened to My Area, I listen to fewer and meaningfully less people use it and even the friends I know have let their accounts fall into disorder. I laughed so hard the additional day when I visited a friend's account and in the comment section it claimed, “does anybody even use this any longer?"

So with all the privacy talks involving Mark Zuckerberg and his clients personalized info, what is a family to do without telling the earth about their secretive movements? Let us not neglect around all the kids that are staying bullied on the website into committing irresponsibility by faceless people in a Facebook era. The only answer left is to motivate a social networking website for kids under 13, yeah! Zuckerberg goes Harvard in fall 2002, met his present-day lover (Priscilla Chan) in the fall semester 2003, launched Facebook on February four, 2004, moved to Palo Alto, California in the summer season of 2004, stop Harvard, and finished the year. With 1 million Facebook users.

The social networking king Mark Zuckerberg fixed a name for himself with Facebook, right on the day when he launched it from his residence. Nowadays, he is the second youngest self-made billionaire, & one of the harshest minds in the industry. Yet, the man behind all this fame and charm is not very changed when it comes to love. Just like some other person, he too has an idealistic tale of love to tell.

So, here is the lovely love story of Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan.

A meeting of two hearts

This was not a usual Mark Zuckerberg meeting, which would touch millions on the Internet. Rather, it was the one that would affect just two persons on this planet. Mark met Priscilla Chan, a sophomore from Boston, at a party presented by Zuckerberg’s community in 2003. Interestingly, they met at quite an extraordinary place- in the waiting line for the washroom. Soon, these two scholars at Harvard started dating each other. After some time, Mark took additional major decision of his life; he dropped out to run his corporation, & then titled- The Facebook.

True love defies distance

Notwithstanding the distance and Mark’s characteristic workaholic attitude, Priscilla constantly stood by him. They fell in love when Zuckerberg was nil, but a college student and they are still in love when he has become a multi-billionaire. Their adoration for each other and bond of promise was much stronger than any fame or wealth. Priscilla, who specializes in pediatrics, was the one who stimulated Zuckerberg to promote organ donation on Facebook. And yes, she is also one of the main people to join Facebook (February 5, 2005). Their love was so tough that when Mark moved to California, Priscilla too shifted there and became a medical student at the University of California.