Latest dividend declared by mutual funds

Investing in mutual fund brings different return rates, depending of the type of fund you have chosen. It may look a bit complicated, but in fact, the mutual fund is just one way to allow smaller investors to play big stock, bond or other securities games.

If you want to invest in stock, governmental and corporative securities, and similar, but you don't have the big funding necessary - mutual fund is your way. It allows you and others like you to buy shares and invest as much as you want; the collected capital is used in stock or bonds'investments, attempting ti generate even more capital. The mutual fund's investments are controlled by money managers, who, in fact, invest them.

There are different types of mutual funds, according to the investment and maturity period, and type of investments that are made.

Depending of the investors' goals and the period of the investment the mutual funds are two types - open and closed-ended, where in open-ended MF the investor can use his capital during all the investment period and at closed-ended - just in the beginning. The mutual funds invest in different assets and investment instruments, but have only one goal- generating more capital.

If the investor wants fast income - the mutual fund use equity investments, which have higher risk and often lead to more capital in shorter period. The investment debt - governmental or corporate are the instrument for low risk, long-term investments - 5-10 years. Often the mutual funds take advantage of using both - short and long-term investments, lowering the risk and securing part of its investments.

The dividend are part of the income of every mutual fund and are paid from stable companies to its shareholders. The mutual funds give interest and dividend income, which are received from the holdings from their portfolio to its shareholders.

The dividend the holdings pay are distributed per share to the investors every year - the declared dividend, which the funds publish every year.

The latest dividend declared by mutual funds are a lot, despite the difficult 2011; the Indian mutual funds had good investments and the amount of the dividend is good enough, considering the last five years. Of course the recent declared dividend are from today this year - 05/02/2015 -,pageno-1,sortby-recorddate,sortorder-desc,period-r1week.cms

At Indian Times you see the list of the latest declared dividend of the Indian mutual funds; the dividend in %, its value in INR and the actual return are showed on the magazine's web page. Up on the table the investor can switch between the last week, month, six months, a year, and even ten years.

The dividends are nice addition to the regular income the mutual fund brings; when the companies and holdings pay dividends, this means that they are stable. This says to the future investor that the mutual fund is highly reliable and this is one of the marks that attract potential new people,and new capitals, of course.