Is Mark Zuckerberg a jerk?

The Social Network movie exposed Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg as an affected yet intelligent, self-centered jerk. Or did it? As culture begins to speed up in terms of info, travel, media, love, music, and the whole thing in between we try to keep pace. Maximum of my friends are like me and are capable to talk a million miles an hour about a topic and then change gears without so much as a blink & start jabbering about an additional subject totally. On top of this we all think we are know-it-alls and occasionally are. We don’t want to wait for info. Think about the latter time you spoke with a being that took their sweet time to say rather. How much patience did you work out? Were you polite to the being? Were you genuine about being polite? People ages 18-25 interviewed say they found a lot of things in equal with Mark Zuckerberg while only a choice few 26-35 year olds agreed with his impatient and derisive attitude.

I signed up for Facebook a few years ago when everybody seemed to be traveling away from Myspace over to this different social network. I found Facebook an excessive way to keep in touch with friends & household. At first I was on the website only once a day, but as time went on I noticed that the extra time I spent on a virtual life the last time I spent in my genuine real life. I was mixing less and not likely to sign up for visits. I favored to get my dose of the social life of a server stored wherever in Wisconsin or New Zealand. Afterward seeing this movie I was both disgusted and smiling with Mark Zuckerberg’s behavior. Possibly it was his complete disrespect for the rules of society which made my amusement, or maybe it was his honesty when speaking with persons that I have in common. Whatever it was, it made the movie a pleasant viewing knowledge for me. I did get annoyed with his lack of loyalty to his old friend who stood with him over thick and thin and provided him with the start up cash for his commercial. Who would screw over his personal best friend? Mark Zuckerburg actually.

Now that Facebook is here to stay, what are the long term associations of having a social network that everyone and their brother are on? (And sister, mother, father, grandmother, co-workers, best friend, a girl they met last night, & fifth cousin removed.). All of us “Facebookers” have had that time where we go to post rather and then rethink things. Wait, not only will my friends and household see this, but so will my co-workers and commercial contacts. Thing is, we are already sharing a plethora of private information just by being on Facebook. Not only that, but our info is being shared with 3rd party businesses for the purpose of showing public that is geared towards us.