Is bill gates Jewish

The richest man in the sphere has given "37% of his wealth extra than $28 billion to charitable causes, largely via the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation," says Forbes magazine. It's alluring to discount Gates' generosity on account of his wealth, but, as Forbes opinions out, if you "add up the helps made by billionaires Paul Allen, Warren Buffett, Michael Dell, Larry Ellison & Steve Ballmer & you get about $2.55 billion not even the equal of a decent tip on a 28 dollars billion tab."

The Gates Organization uses the bulk of its money on worldwide health, fighting AIDS & malaria, with education coming in second. (Obligatory shot at belief: None is wasted on building superior churches, preachers' salaries, or proselytizing.)

Gates is an uncertain, although he looks to respect religious principles. In a PBS meeting with David Frost, he said, "I don't know if there's a well or not, but I think religious values are quite valid." When a TIME reporter asked, "Isn't there roughly special, perhaps even divine, about the humanoid soul?" he replied, "I don't have any sign on that."

For Bill Gates is NOT Jewish. His family is a mix of English, German, and Scotch-Irish, with no visible Jewishness anywhere on the household tree, going back to the 1700s. He's William Henry Gates III, for crying out loud, called after his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather! His mom is a pure WASP! His sister's name is Kristi! He... Oh, enough previously. He is not a Jew!

Why do Jews hide their race? Why would Bill Gates need to deceive people? Rendering to Dixon, the choice to hide Bill Gates true identity as a Jew is partly based upon the “elite” Jews essential to make Christians seem intelligent than they actually are, used as a psychological enrollment tool to try and bring more Christians into the Churches to be molded.

Though, the main reason Dixon said Bill Gates is hidden as a quasi Christian, even though he is actually a Jew, is because there are too numerous prominent Jews, and they are troubled that if his true identity as a Jew was ever exposed, it would put over the control the fact that Jews own the whole thing in America.

Dixon said Bill Gates was turned-out for, and eventually in the best position of all the “elite” Jews to fool the goyim into trusting he is a computer mastermind, & thus, was chosen by the planned “elite” Jews to act as their “front-man” for leading the computer age & its operating system software. The working system software everybody in the world will use to connect with, and must be in the hands of the Jews by proxy. Bill Gates and Microsoft did not make “Windows”; they just threw Jewish currency at it, and bought it for 100K from 2 Aryans in California [PBS], who really did create it.

Dixon said the main motive the “elite” Jews want to be in control of the best operating system software in the world, is so they can spy on everybody who uses their product, & keep a dossier on their activities, making sure all possible legitimate threats against the “elite” Jewry are defused, all in their Jewish quest for sphere domination. They are watching and attending to you on it now.