How to get in touch with Bill Gates

No, this isn’t a run down on how to really get in touch with Bill Gates, but lot of a similarity on how to get in touch with persons, by mail, that you might not know or have any kind of connected network connection. Whether it’s for lead generation or work seeking purposes, I’ve seen too several persons attempting to connect using general emails, and being distressed at getting no response.

Bill Gates, the creator of Microsoft, is well-known not only for being one of the richest menfolk on the face of the world, but one of the most liberal. Whether you are looking for to write him regarding charitable contributions, new trade ideas or bugs with Microsoft software there is a method to contact him and his association through email, letter and phone. Continue reading to see which is the nice way for you to contact Bill Gates.


Send a mail to the Bill Gates and Melinda Gates at The Bill and Melinda Gates Organization manages the personal contributions from the Gates family. To write to Bill Gates about charitable donations or to request for a funding, this is the place to go. You can apply straight for a funding on the Organization 's website.

Get in touch with Bill Gates through his Facebook page or his Twitter account. Whereas these are most probable continued by workers, your comment may finally make its way to Bill Gates' attention.

Write a mail that enhances value to them

Give first, obtain later or even never. That’s the approach you want to work with. Never go into an email expectant to get something… or poorer yet, instantaneously asking for something. Find some public interest, or relay to a specific pain point, and make a relationship where you’re the assisting hand. For example, I was attempting to get feedback on the knowledge of building an e-learning platform for sports, where the central attention is teaching sports. I needed to join with coaches, but wasn’t firstly sure how to acquire them to respond. I did a little of research and found out that concussions in youth are a vast concern and there’s no better solution out there to educate persons on it. Though our platform is not mainly attentive on concussion awareness and avoidance, we are scheduled to have significant components on it. I used this as the “connector of interests” in my emails and the reply rate was extraordinary. Ask approval first, counsel second, and the whole thing else after.

If you’re capable to form a common interest in your first email, and your aim is to ask them for something… whether it’s for their view on a business contract or your Resume… ask them permission first, in that similar initial email or the next one. Whatsoever it is you need to do, ask for, or provide… ask permission earlier doing so.

Afterward, when you obtain a positive reply to your initial email, inquire the person for their guidance on whatever topic you are on. If you are a student seeing for occupation, before sending your Resume… how about asking the person her suggestion on the best method to get occupation as “X” in “Y” corporation.