Finding a good roofer is getting a roofing contractor that possess excellent roofing practices and one that understands roof alternating details, handling of problem spots on roofs and alternative roof covering products like low slope roofing shingle types, grades, colors and flat roofing materials. They will also provide comprehensive advice on products, realistic explanation of procedures, and ensure the roof don’t leak.

Other than a quality structure, a good roofer should also be able to ensure that the roof has an appealing finish.

Although it’s difficult to determine the capabilities and reliability of a contractor, below is a guide that will be of help:

1)To get names from which to choose from ask friends and family members who they have used in the past.

2)A professional contractor will be willing to provide any information that is required by the prospective employer. If not so he might be fake and just desperate for a job.

3)The roofer should have good workmanship skills. This will be the best assurance that your new roof will have a long life and that it will not leak. He will be able to select a quality shingle product install them correctly.

4)Before employing any roofer check with the local Better business bureau and ask for references from local customers of the contractor. This will make certain that he is qualified and able to deliver.

5)You should be completely certain that the roofer is well trained. The training and experience of a contractor, as well as the age of his or her company, will help you determine their ability to successfully complete your project.

6)A good, professional contractor will provide the telephone number. These are essential when checking on the company's previous business dealings.

7)The roofer should provide a business license numbers and information on the company which bonds the contractor. Then you should check with local authorities to see that the roofer compiles with regulations.

8)A good roofer should carry a worker's compensation and general liability insurance. Therefore you should request for the name and address of the insurance carrier, along with a copy of the company's insurance certificate.

9)You should also go for one that has a favorably priced bid however you should be warned that low bids may be a result of incomplete insurance coverage and workman's compensation.

10)Also ask him to provide several Professional References; not just one but at least three. If he provides one it may be a friend or a family member that he is using as an escape goat. This will provide a good opportunity to understand the contractor's past, which can help determine your future.

11)Also they should have all the required safety and working tools ready. This will actually prove that they are serious about their job. However this should be considered after verifying all the other requirements. Even a person with no expertise at all can acquire the tools.