Becoming a roofer takes one on a journey to understanding the responsibilities that will be bestowed upon him as a roofer. These are:

i)They are the ones to Procure materials necessary to complete a roof repair.

ii)Complete repair work in line with customer requirements and agreed scope of work.

iii)They provide a quotation for the installation or repair work, including guttering and fascia.

iv)A roofer once contracted should arrive at customer’s site at agreed time and place to ensure maximum working hours thus much work covered per day.

v)Maintain tools and safety equipment.

vi)Also they should observe strict health and safety practices, particularly when working beyond the first story of a house.

With the responsibilities at hand in mind, one then needs to get specialized training that is acquired by successfully completing an apprenticeship program. Through this program people interested in working in this branch of construction gain the necessary skills they need to install roofing products and make repairs to existing structures. These skills comprises of:

a)The ability to read plans.

b)Good attitude to health and safety at work.

c)Roofers also need to be able to use a hammer and other hand tools as part of their job.

d)Desire of seeing a job is excellently done and a happy customer who may become a frequent customer.

e)Good communication skills and the ability to work well as part of a team.

f)A good understanding of what is required in order to complete the repair as necessary.

g)Should have a vast knowledge of all of the roofing materials being worked with.

h)Be prepared to start early and finish late just to get the job done.

i)Willingness to work during the weekends if required to.

j)Should tolerate working outside in all weather.

A licensed roofer is trained to work on different types of assignments. Residential roofers install shingles on homes. They also inspect for water damage, wind, and hail while the commercial roofers work on structures where businesses are located.

A person who is interested in working as a roofer should not be afraid of heights must be comfortable working in an area at with surfaces se at various angles.

It takes three years to complete apprenticeship program for a roofer and the trainee completes 4,000 hours of training to get licensed to do this kind of work. During the program one will do classroom work as well as on-the-job training.

However becoming a licensed roofer requires the apprentice to pass a written exam after completing the apprenticeship program.

After qualifying in the learning the fresh roofer may find work with a roofing contracting company or a construction firm and once the individual gains some experience on the job, he may want to start his own roofing contracting company, hiring employees to work for him.

Roofing is seasonal work, and the person who chooses to make a living in this way will be very busy over the warmer months.