How much is Bill Gates worth

Bill Gates has once more beat Forbes magazine’s annual ranking of worldwide billionaires.

It's the another time in a row that the Microsoft creator has been crowned the sphere's richest person, & the 16th time in the earlier 21 years.

Mr Gates' net value rose to $79.2bn (£51bn) from $76bn a year, THE former, after he unpacked one third of his lasting stake in the tech company he co-founded in the year 1970s.

That sale, comprised a gift of shares price $1.5bn to the Bill & Melinda Gates Basis in November 2014, which brought his lifespan giving up to $29.5bn, Forbes said. Maximum of Mr Gates' work currently focused on philanthropy over his charity foundation.

Mexico communications mogul Carlos Slim placed second, worth $77.1bn, while Berkshire Hathaway leads Warren Buffett was third, with $72.7bn.

Mr Buffett's wealth grew $14.5bn from a year prior, more than anyone's else, notwithstanding having donated $2.8bn to numerous charities last July.

Amancio Ortega, the Spanish creator of Zara owner Inditex, was 4th at $64.5bn, while Oracle chairman Larry Ellison was 5th at $54.3bn.

Forbes recognized a record 1,826 billionaires, up from 1,645 last year, value a combined $7.05 trillion. The list is in its 29th year.

The magazine said that entrepreneurship is thriving worldwide, as 1,191 associates of the list are self-made rich person, while just 230 congenital their wealth.

Another 405 innate at least a portion but are still employed to increase their wealth.

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, old 30, rose to sixteenth place from 21st previous year, with his net wealth now $34.8bn.

The earliest billionaires were Evan Spiegel, 24, & Bobby Murphy, 25, who co-founded mobile messaging app Snapchat, & are all worth $1.5bn.

Bill Gates stills holds tons of Microsoft shares

For the lengthiest time, Gates was the single main individual Microsoft shareholder. Former this year, he passed that title to his longtime friend & CEO successor, Steve Ballmer, who himself submissive as CEO earlier this year. Still, as of Gates' maximum recent SEC Form 4 disclosure, he still holds nearly 298 million shares of Microsoft. (This doesn't comprise the 425,000 shares that his wife, Melinda Gates, owns.)

The software massive has just increased its quarterly payment to $0.31, or $1.24 per share per year. That puts the Gates' yearly dividend income from his Microsoft position at an enormous $368 million. That decodes into just over $1 million per day. Gates doesn't have to do all other than hold his shares to earn that money. Moreover, this doesn't include Gates' asset income, interest income, or various other forms of recompense.

Bill Gates is really selling his shares

Several years ago, Gates really set up a prearranged 10b5-1 trading plan to gradually cash out his substantial holdings in the corporation he founded. Gates sells about 20 million shares per quarter. That's why Ballmer is now Microsoft's major individual shareholder, thru over 333 million shares.

At this amount, Gates will sell all of his assets by mid-2018. That means that over time, Gates' yearly dividend income will also decline, but I don't think he'll have some trouble paying his electric bill anytime soon.