Some companies might hide additional costs in the most inconvenient of places and they all soon start adding up-their cost may seem cheap but there other charges that when added up the cost becomes more expensive than expected.

There are other companies whose prices are fixed. Meaning no other additional costs that accrue after they have quoted their prices. These companies include:

British Gas

Their fixed price boiler repair rate starts at £69, but depending on where you live (the geographical location) the price may vary so as to accommodate the transportation cost mainly. The fixed price normally includes all parts as well as labor, and comes with a 12 month warranty, which is also valid for parts.


Their fixed price charges are £250, which comes with a ‘no fix no fee’ guarantee. This fixed price boiler repair will only cover work up to the value of £600. Alternatively, Npower offer a ‘pay as you go service’ which starts from £70.47, but this only covers the call out charge and the first thirty minutes of labor.


Their fixed price boiler repairs start at £58, however you will have to ring them up and describe the problem on which they will then provide a quote for you. If, upon inspection of your boiler, they think there is more work to be done, they could increase the repair cost significantly.


They are committed to ensuring that their clients know exactly what they’re paying for, and that they’re getting the best deal. If their boiler repair takes half an hour, the clients only have to pay £43 and the total cost of any parts used. According to the above, the Heatcraft charge per time taken to repair plus the cost of each part that they find wanting and they replace. That is all they charge.

Boiler dealers offer great value prices on boilers and accessories including combi, system open vent boilers

Below is a list of some of the boiler parts and their replacement costs