With the roofers working at raised places (building tops), the danger of falling is seriously immense and real. Therefor it is expedient that a roofer concentrates completely which doing the job. Any distraction could lead to lack of balance hence falling; falling from that height will obviously cause serious damages of breakages of bones if not death. Also if working as a group it is advisable that each participate should be aware of where their colleagues are to avoid pushing the over accidentally.

However, even when being certain that all the above will be strictly adhered to, it is always wise to have some protection if a fall accident occurs. Below are some of the equipment that should be carried or used for fall protection:

1)Equipment carrying bag- Used for carrying harnesses, tools and other equipment.

2)French creek roofer's fall protection kit - Roofer's Fall Protection Kit is a complete roofer's fall protection kit containing:

  • Lightweight full body harness, 6000 lb. nylon webbing, back D-ring for lanyard attachment, mating/pass-through buckle leg straps and adjustable chest strap.
  • Soft 5/8" 3-strand poly-blend lifeline, with locking snap on one end, thimble other end
  • 5/8" and 3/4" steel manual rope grab, comes attached directly to the lifeline.
  • Steel, reusable roof anchor, comes complete with first set of fasteners
  • Drawstring carry bag for entire kit.
  • 3)Multiple use roof anchor - Hinge-style 11 guage zinc-plated steel anchor mounts at the peak of the roof and comes complete with a zinc-plated forged steel D-ring. Attaches to the roof using 16d (penny) double-headed nails or #8 X 3.5" long wood screws. Anchor is designed to be removed when the job is complete and reused after inspection. Features a dimensionally correct connection point and is an OSHA-compliant anchorage point capable of supporting 5,000 lbs.

    4)Removable roof anchor - This device is designed to be an anchorage connector for personal fall arrest or restraint systems used on flat or sloped wood roof structures. It must be attached into the sheathing and joist, rafter with six 1/4" X 2.5" or longer lag screws or twelve 16d nails. Specifically designed to be removable, it may be used again after an inspection.

    5)Rolling roof hook – it clamps easily to the top two rungs of a single ladder. They fit both round and D-Rung styles. They should be used in pairs for best results. Whe using Roll ladder up roof on casters, Flip ladder over when end reaches peak and the Ladder lays flat on roof and is secured by roof hooks.

    6)Single use roof anchor – it is attached to the peak of the roof using 16d nails and is designed to be cut off or bent over when the job is complete. The entire anchor can also be removed and discarded after use.

    7)Single-mount roof anchor - It is designed to be an anchorage connector for personal fall arrest or restraint systems used on flat or sloped wood roof structures. It must be nailed into the sheathing and joist, rafter. It is designed to be mounted only once, then removed and destroyed or shingled over.

    8)Slide guard roof brackets