The Confederation of Roofing Contractors is the premier roofing trades association in the UK that was started in 1985. Its members are considered to be the best in the business. If you require a roof repair or even a completely new roof the members are thereto sought you out.

All members are totally committed to providing clients with a quality driven service, reflecting good craft skills, working practices and a fair price.

Associate membership is open to all Manufacturers of Roofing Products as well as suppliers.

The Confederation of Roofing Contractors are pleased have secured a contract that enables their members to offer their clients a fully insured 10 year back up guarantee and deposit protection, that will be issued by the CORC and backed up by HIP (a company registered with the Financial Services Authority (FSA)).

Is as a result of recognizing that a contractor’s own guarantee can cover faulty workmanship and materials guarantee only if the company is still trading.

Although many homeowners assume that they will be covered by their home insurance policy, this is rarely the case since contents and building insurance only cover accidental damage to property and not materials or workmanship. This the reason all members of the Confederation of Roofing Contractors offer this service of IBG so for your own peace of mind ask your roofer for a fully insured IBG to be included in their contract.

 Members can now include this benefit in each quotation given for new works, the cost has to be included in the quotation and not as a separate item, details of the works should be conveyed to our office, payment will be via debit/credit card for each IBG. We will then obtain the IBG from the Insurance Company and post directly to you or your client.  The IBG will not cover minor repairs.

Although the IBG’s are badged by the CORC, all claims must be made directly to the insurance company, the CORC are not the guarantors and are acting only as a broker for this benefit.

On the other hand the members receive the highest quality service with most being free to members. Below is a list of some of the benefits available to members:

i)All members can automatically offer their customers a 10 year fully insured back up guarantee, no registration fee and the lowest price in the UK.

ii)The CORC logo is the most recognised logo in the roofing industry and represents a commitment to excellence.

iii)ID cards for all of your employees.

iv)Special Rate Insurance including employer’s liability, vehicle, office and home for members.

v)Code of Conduct approved by the Government.

vi)Work passed on to members on a daily basis.

vii)Free entry in our annual member’s directory & buyer guide which is distributed Nationwide.

viii)Free advice on Labour Relationships & SC60/714 Employment Law.

ix)Free Method Statements supplied with your details printed.

x)Free Health & Safety advice.

xi)Vehicle Stickers.