cheapest car rental

The cheapest car rental offer is hard to find. You need to pay less but also have a great car not one that would break at the first mile. Here are some clues that will help you choose the right car on

Small Car Hire.  This advice comes in close contact with Tip number 2 because a small car in general consumes less than a big car. Ask yourself whether you need a limo or a car that between 7 people. If the answer is yes, then you need to prepare for a higher amount of payment, but if you decide that you deal with a small car, you can be sure that the amount of payment will be significantly reduced, not to mention the fuel consumption, which will also be reduced.

Book early. You know you go on holiday in August? Also, know that you do not want to go with your car, but with one rent? When you book a few months before, to qualify for a discount. In this way, you can read in silence all the terms and conditions existing on-site car rental company, and you can sign in knowingly, without rush and stress.

Next, we present two other options that can reduce the cost of renting a car, but not recommended, because although initially reduce the rental cost may come with additional costs as we shall see.

Some companies charge for not taking directly from the garage car rental companies, in other words, you pay an additional amount to what you would pay any other person who would take the car directly at the company. This has advantages and disadvantages. If you are on a business trip, obviously you do not have time to take another means of transport to the car rental company, and then you rent a car. And if you have time, but do not know the city where you landed, you might spend more money on the means of transport that will take up at the company from which you rent a car final. In this situation, it would be preferable to pay an additional fee and take the car directly from the airport.

The second method that can decrease the rate of a car rental is to refuse to sign the supplemental insurance. The problem is that in this case if you have an accident, the company supports only part of the repair fees (if this is passed on the contract) and the rest you will support you. To use this method in general who feel very in control of the wheel, who know the area where they plan to go and who always respect traffic rules so that an accident has no way to produce their fault. However, even in these cases, you can not know what the future, so it is recommended to close this insurance.

If you plan to travel abroad with a rental car, ask the company headquarters where a rent if insurance is valid abroad. Do not imagine it, just because car hire firm has offices and abroad, or because you heard from a friend; ask if it is true and ask you tell where this is passed in the insurance contract.