The boiler cover gives you access to engineers who can repair your boiler during an emergency and usually includes an annual service.

It can prove expensive, cold and inconvenient, if your boiler breaks down. And gas-fired boilers and central heating systems are certainly not worth messing around with. You need someone with a Gas Safety Certificate to ensure you and your family are properly protected. 

Taking out boiler cover gives you the peace of mind of knowing that a qualified engineer will be available to resolve any problems with your boiler or central heating quickly and efficiently.

Better still, as the call-out, parts and labor are already covered, you won’t be left with any costly repair bills.

Boiler covers are offered by energy suppliers including Npower, HomeServe, British Gas and Scottish Power.

There are two main types of boiler cover on the market: a service contract that includes an annual inspection and service, and an insurance product that only covers faults and repairs.

Service contracts are subject to VAT at 20%, while insurance-only policies are subject to insurance premium tax at 5% (these taxes will be included in the premiums you are quoted on MoneySupermarket).

You should look for a boiler and central heating cover of an electric boiler that includes the following features:

  • Central heating repairs including part.
  • It should have guaranteed service in the event of an emergency.
  • It should have contribution towards the replacement of a system if it is considered beyond repair.
  • It should have certain or unlimited number of claims in a set year.
  • The helpline number should be indicated there in.
  • You should look for central heating cover of a standard gas boiler that covers all of the following:

  • The Repairs to your boiler (including parts and the repairing labor)
  • A contribution towards the replacement of a system if it is considered beyond repair.
  • A certain or unlimited number of claims in a set year
  • It should include a provision for an annual service
  • You also need to decide if you want cover for your full heating system (including hot water) or just for the boiler and controls. 

    The full heating system cover

    The full heating system boiler policy covers any boiler repairs needed as well as repairs to other parts of the system such as the pump, radiators and flue.

    The boiler and controls-only cover

    A boiler only covers repairs to your boiler but not to radiators or any other parts of the central heating system.


    i)The boiler cover should have sufficient coverage (with different sorts of things included).

    ii)Always check your insurer's cancellation terms and conditions in case you are changing from one insurer to another to avoid being charged with a cancellation fee.

    iii)Old boiler are difficult to get a cover for and if it be possible to get a cover for an older model your choices will be more limited and the costs will be high.