Knowledge is power! Be a reliable boiler serviceperson.

Most people are in constant interaction with boiler. Either in their homes or at industries or companies. Boilers can be a nightmare if one doesn’t understand how it works and more so during a breakdown. Hence it is advisable to attain some knowledge about boiler especially if you want one install for you. This will make it easy when it comes to servicing since you will not necessarily require to hire a serviceperson-you actually become the serviceperson.

Historically, boilers were a source of many serious injuries and property destruction due to poorly understood engineering principles

By gaining knowledge on boilers will lead to better use of boiler, reduced risks while using boilers and more so it may lead to research on ways of improving the efficiency of the existing boilers. Through learning people can acquire useful knowledge on better way of saving energy used in boiler by proposing, designing and making use of other sources of energy

Below is a table of some of the insttutions offering boiler repair causrses and their websites:

Fig1ongoing class in WARE Boiler University 1

Also below is a list of courses you can undertake at various training institutions in order to gain knowledge in boiler repairing.

1)CTS Consultants Ltd

- Combination Boiler Repair E-Course (Distance Learning course).

- Gas Boiler and Water Heater Repairs & Diagnostics Level 1 & 2 (Distance Learning course).

2)Carshalton College

- Combination Boiler Fault finding course.

3)Hull East Riding Training Solutions Ltd

- BPEC Commercial Catering Gas Safety Training & Assessment Changeover Package CoDC1 COMCAT 1 2 3 4.

- BPEC ACS Core Domestic Gas Safety Training Re-Assessment + 4 appliances PACKAGE.

- BPEC ACS Core Domestic Gas Safety Training Initial Assessment + 4 appliances PACKAGE.

- BPEC ACS Domestic Gas Safety Appliances Only Initial & Reassessments (CKR1 CENWAT DAH1 HTR1 MET2).

- BPEC New Entry Level Category 3 ACS Domestic Gas Safety Training Courses.

4)Barnsley College

- Plumbing Apprenticeship course.

5)Learn Plumbing Limited

- Plumbing: Installation Theory (Distance Learning course).

6)Measham Central Midlands Assessment & Training

- CEN1 Central Heating Appliances course.

7)Blandford Forum Plumbskill Centre Ltd

-2 week Practical Plumbing and Heating course.

-1 week Domestic Plumbing Short course.

8)Langley East Berkshire

- Full Time Plumbing Technical Certificate (Heating & Ventilation) course.

9)Hull Crownship Developments Ltd

- New Entrants to the Gas Industry (CITB Intermediate Gas Certificate) course.