Bill Gates timeline of his life

28 October 1955

Bill Gates is born to a rich Seattle family. He is the 2nd child of William H Gates II, a lawyer, and Mary Gates, a leading help volunteer.


Gates starts at Lakeside, a high-class private school. He is 2 years junior to colleague scholar Paul Allen.

The Lakeside Mothers' Club purchase the school a Teletype machine a superior typewriter that can send electronic messages down a phone line to a simple computer at the local campus.

Gates & Allen develop a passion for the device and normally sneak into the school at night to write programs on it.


Gates uses the Teletype mechanism to devise the Lakeside School schedule. It is a complicated job, but Gates confirms the girls he finds most smart are scheduled to be in his classes.


Gates graduates from Lakeside & starts at Harvard. His main subject is "Pre-Law" but he also takes classes in Mathematics & Economics. He becomes contacts with a student living alongside the hall called Steve Ballmer.

December 1974

An article appears in Standard Electronics magazine about an exciting novel "personal computer", the Altair 8800, which has been industrialized by a company called MITS.

It uses the Intel 8080 microprocessor, making it the sphere's first mass-produced microcomputer. MITS is inviting students to develop a programming language for it.

Early 1975

Gates and his old university friend Allen call MITS & claim to have industrialized a BASIC language translator that will work with the Altair. MITS agrees to see it. Gates & Allen work night & day to get the programme prepared in time.

Several two-and-a-half thousand miles away in Silicon Valley, California, a loose relationship of computer "hobbyists", called the Homebrew Computer Club, is also taking an attention in the Altair. Among its amount are Stephen Wozniak & Steve Jobs.

Spring 1976

Gates returns to Harvard to continue his studies.

1 April 1976

Steve Jobs & Stephen Wozniak, who have made Apple Computer, launch their main product - the Apple I personal computer.

26 November 1976

Gates & Allen register the logo "Microsoft". Their work has become self-governing of MITS. Gates has given up his Harvard studies completely, & he and Allen are taking on staff.

December 1978

Microsoft's incomes exceed $1m.

1 January 1979

Gates & Allen move Microsoft from Albuquerque to their home-based state of Washington. They open workplaces in Bellevue, a few miles from where they grew up.

11 June 1980

Gates hires his childhood Harvard friend Steve Ballmer as the corporation's first business manager.

20 November 1985

Microsoft releases a graphical extension of its MS-DOS OS. This is the first marketing version of Windows.

February 1986

Microsoft moves to Redmond, a verdant suburb of Seattle. This is where the corporation's HQs has been located always since.

13 March 1986

Microsoft goes public. On the major day of trading, the share value increases from $21 to $28.


A young Texan called Melinda French intersections Microsoft as an advertising manager. She & Gates start dating.

18 March 1988

Apple files a claim against Microsoft, claiming that the "look & feel" of Windows is too similar to the Apple "graphical user interface". The lawful battle is to last six years and Apple finally loses.


Microsoft Office is released.