Bill and Melinda Gates foundation address

Our work hangs on grantees and associates across the United States and in more than 100 nations who have on-the-ground proficiency, a deep understanding of the problems we care about, and strong ties with the publics in which we aim to make an alteration. At the same time, we have learned the worth of having foundation agents based in key regions—to support us build relationships with partner organizations and administrations, better understand the policy setting, and remain traditionally sensitive. Furthermore, our Seattle HQs, we have offices in Washington, D.C.; London Beijing, China; New Delhi, India; Ethiopia; South Africa; Johannesburg, & Abuja, Nigeria.

Does the foundation accept donations?

From time to time, people kindly offer to donate money to the foundation. We prefer that persons give directly to our grantee administrations rather than to the foundation if they want to support advance the causes we’re loving about. Because our financial resources, while important, represent a small fraction of what’s desired to address these challenges, we work in business with governments, the private sector, & other donors and groups to achieve the greatest potential impact.

To be reactive to those who still wish to give to the foundation, we have accepted these guidelines  for accepting helps from individuals. To be clear, the foundation does not & will not solicit helps. Our goal is not fundraising. Our goal is just to honor the intentions of substantial people.

Do Bill, Melinda, & Warren get tax breaks for their helps to the foundation?

Many folks enjoy tax benefits as a result of making generous contributions. The sum of tax savings received rest on both the size of the charitable charities and the person's yearly income.

Bill, Melinda, & Warren have been remarkably generous in making helps to the foundation, donating sums much larger than their yearly incomes. As a result, the tax savings they get from these contributions signify a very small ratio of the contributions.

From 1994 to 2006, Bill & Melinda provided the foundation extra than $26 billion. Those helps stemmed in a tax savings of less than 8.3 percent of the helps they made over that time.

In 2006, Warren made the chief payment for his historic gift to the basis & claimed no tax help from this support.

Washington, D.C.

The foundation’s Washington, D.C., office leads our administration relations efforts in the United States, Canada, & the Asia-Pacific region and comprises communications & legal staff. It also helps as a base for programs that emphasis on the eastern United States.


Our Europe team, established in the London office, supports the basis’s policy, advocacy, and communications & actions in Europe. The team works with grantees & partners, forms and sustains European donor support, and fosters governmental commitment in Europe to advance worldwide health and growth goals.

Middle East

Our Middle East group, based in the London agency, works with administrations, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), universities, and sponsors in the Middle East & North Africa to support the region’s expanding role as a improvement partner.