The diamond’s qualities can be overwhelming. While you may want to read about them in your own time, it is advisable to get expert guidance from unbiased gemologists.

For people with an interest in buying diamonds they can visit the following places:

1. Online. Discover affordable and brilliant diamonds from reputable online jewelers.

2. Diamond recycling company. This companies buy diamond to reuse in making other diamond product rather than what it was essentially.

3. The Jewelry Retailers. Independent jewelry stores offer a large selection diamond products.

4. Auction Houses are regularly used to sell antique or ornate second hand jewelry. They have detailed knowledge regarding second hand jewelry and diamonds and can advise on what value the piece may be worth.

However the following places should be avoided. Unless and unless no other options are at your disposal, avoid these areas.

1. jewelry where tags only list the carat total weight of diamonds in a ring and do not list the center stone separately. It’s impossible to compare prices with another ring if the weight and quality of the main diamond I not known.

2. When the jeweler don’t offer a certificate from an independent lab like GIA or AGS. Most likely the grade is exaggerated. According to FTC a jeweler must be accurate within one grade of color and one grade of clarity on a diamond.

3. Taking your diamond after you have bought it to an appraiser for an insurance valuation and the appraiser says the stone is worthless or not the quality you were promised. Then he/she tells you to buy it from him/her. Beware. He may well be downgrading your fine stone to persuade you to buy a fake one from him or even insist that he can exchange it with another one at a lower cost.

4. When the diamond’s grade on the certificate is can tell an altered certificate by examining the lamination of the certificate.

5. When the jeweler suggest that you leave a deposit and take the diamond for an appraisal. Upon leaving a deposit on a diamond, be very careful that the deposit is refundable since it may be a way of corning you your money since the deposit may later turns out to be non-refundable. You should have it in writing that the deposit is completely refundable if the appraisal is not favorable. Also the store should write down the exact measurements (W x W x D), shape, weight, color and clarity of the diamond on the agreement form.

6. If you notice any signs of paint on the diamond. Sometimes a little point of blue or purple paint may be applied on the lowest tip of the diamond (the culet). This is usually so small that you might not detect it, but the location spreads the color throughout the stone. This is used to counter the yellow tint in lower color grades of diamonds, making the diamond look expensive (colorless grade).