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Bill Gates like Reddit. He does "Ask Me Anything" meetings on the chat site on an even basis, participates in Reddit's record-breakingly vast Secret Santa program &, for an AMA he did on Wednesday, he even taken a YouTube love video.

If you had some doubt that the Microsoft co-founder and kid prodigy computer geek was still a geek at heart, his Reddit humor must to put that to rest.

For example, his YouTube love video was filled with geeky humor like this web programing orientation to the color red.

Bill Gates Reddit geek joke

Here is the best video of bill gates speech at Harvard

I clap the graduates today for taking a much more direct route to your marks. For my part, I’m just joyful that the Crimson has called me “Harvard’s maximum successful dropout.” I guess that makes me valedictorian of my personal special class … I did the best of everybody who failed.

But I also want to be familiar as the guy who got Steve Ballmer to drop out of commercial school. I’m a bad effect. That’s why I was invited to speak at your attainment. If I had spoken at your orientation, some of you might be here today.

Harvard was just a remarkable experience for me. Educational life was fascinating. I used to sit in on lots of classes I hadn’t even signed up for. And dorm life was great. I lived up at Radcliffe, in Currier House. There were continuously lots of people in my dorm room late at night discussing things, because everybody knew I didn’t worry about getting up in the morning. That’s how I came to be the leader of the disruptive group. We clung to each other as a mode of validating our refusal of all those social people.

Radcliffe was an excessive place to live. There were more women up there, & maximum of the guys were science-math types. That grouping offered me the best odds, if you know what I mean. This is where I learned the sad lesson that educating your odds doesn’t assurance success.

One of my major memories of Harvard came in January 1975, when I made a call Currier to a corporation in Albuquerque that had start making the world’s first private computers. I offered to sell them software.

I worried that they would understand I was just a student in a dorm & hang up on me. As an alternative they said: “We’re not fairly ready, come get us in a month,” which was a good thing, as we hadn’t inscribed the software yet. From that moment, I worked day & night on this little extra credit project that obvious the end of my college training and the beginning of an amazing voyage with Microsoft.

What I recall above all about Harvard was being in the midst of so much vitality and intelligence. It could be exhilarating, threatening, sometimes even depressing, but always challenging. It was an astonishing honor and though I left early, I was changed by my years at Harvard, the friendships I made, & the ideas I functioned on.