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For rent a car services, an early booking system is vital because it can provide a lower price but also lots of comfort.

The folks at the Consumerist teaches us that the best idea to get the cheapest car rental service is to place a booking in advance with one of the operators prefer, following letter to cancel reservations (cascade) as found a better price.

The reality? It's probably the worst idea, for several reasons. First, after the second cancellation, you get guaranteed rental blacklist companies (is an application used by most businesses, there are even several websites that offer the service). We have here at Argus car rental, thousands of customers in the database confirmed booking cancellations, no show-up at the airport, etc. Once arrived there, the probability that a firm will rent a car in the future, is about 1%. Seriously, most operators will refuse to deliver the car. Nobody wants to deal with clients who confuse frivolous employment of the fleet, and delivery schedule. The second reason you how renting a car works. Price does not guarantee the best deal.

Avoid insurance (CDW / LDW rental)

The advice is silly because you cannot opt for the car anyway without LDW. So talking about CDW. Because renting a car, most likely facing the customer first car / brand that, and the fact that it is to drive in a foreign country (or who has not been in a while), the probability of an accident is much higher. Statistical rent a car has at least three incidents per year. Car without insurance pays damages that the customer result. The thing with "I have insurance with credit card CDW is an aberration." If you read the insurance contract attached some of the credit cards, you will see that their CDW excess insurance covers damage value.

Perhaps buying a baby seat will make you save money because the rental companies win in a chair. Theoretically, after thinking this, and transportation will make you save money because the company makes a profit from renting. Things are so. Seat the child / baby unprofitable. Lease is only to facilitate the rental car. We offer, e.g., baby seat and 50C / day, maximum 1 euro per day in season.

Rent the smallest possible car rental teaches that renting the smallest car possible is recommended in terms of fuel consumption and advises us to refuse upgrades offered by the rental company. The reality is that at some point the company has to say X fleet cars. If half is from the upper class, you can get a free upgrade. To retain you as a customer. It's your option to refuse it, but it would be weird. In other news, not a small car does not necessarily consume less. A Golf Blue Motion Passat diesel or can consume much less gasoline as a Chevrolet Spark. Especially if a small car, carry more passengers.

One of the best car rental around the word is Argus car rental that can provide everything you might need, that can advise you to make the best choice you can possible make. Just click here, talk to the staff and you won’t have to worry about anything now that you know what to do when you go to a rent a car service.