Window air conditioners

Window air conditioners are among the many installation types of air conditioners. They are a major type of air conditioners and are unique because they are unitary they have all the components situated in one compact box. They are usually installed on a window with the exterior part responsible for releasing heat to the outside and the interior part is usually blowing cool air into the house. These air conditioners were also known as the wall air conditioner but due to the fact that you had to have holes made on the wall during the installation the window air conditioner became the more appropriate choice for an air conditioner.

Like all other air conditioners the window air conditioner is made up of five major parts the compressor, the condenser, the evaporator, the drier or the accumulator and the valve that controls the temperature of the cool air released. Freon is the liquid medium used to transport heat from one component to the other; it is also known as refrigerant. It can change state from liquid to gas upon absorbing heat and revert back to liquid upon being cooled.

Basically the compressor pressurizes the refrigerant and it absorbs heat and changes state from liquid refrigerant to hot refrigerant gas. It then goes to the condenser where it is cooled and then becomes liquid. The cool liquid goes to the evaporator where it is cooled even further and then air is blown across it and the cool air fills the room while the air carrying the heat is released to the outside.

Due to the fact that this window air conditioner installation is half inside and half outside the house during adverse weather conditions you should get it inside or cover it with a wrap that is water proof and thick.

The window air conditioner is also referred to as the room air conditioner and is most commonly found in hotels and other similar establishments because it will be responsible for the air quality of a particular individual. In case of any repair problems you should contact a service repair company to fix it for you.You can check online for a company that is both affordable and closest to you so the service can be done quickly.Window air conditioners like other air conditioners require regular service and maintenance checks to detect any problems before they become too costly or before you have to replace the entire unit.

When buying window air conditioners you should either get a contractor to get the best deal for you or be ready to do the research to identify the most suitable unit for yourself. Most times people buy window air conditioners without checking for the vital information like the energy it uses, the model, the cost and whether the dealers selling it will offer free installation for the unit. You should also always ensure you have the warranty in case of any breakdowns after purchase.

Only buy a window air conditioner if you are sure it is the best offer for your building.