Window air conditioner

There are different types of air conditioners and they range from units installed in a window, to units rolling around on the floor, to units mounted on a wall and central air conditioning. All the systems use the same five elements of an air conditioning system consisting of refrigerant, compressor, condenser, expansion valve, evaporator coil. They use refrigerant as the medium to transport heat from one component to the other. The refrigerant used has been altered because they found that it originally was responsible for depleting the ozone layer and therefore needed to be changed to an environmentally safe refrigerant known as R-134a.It is less efficient but has been approved for use. The units that are still using the old refrigerant -12 can be altered and fitted with the new refrigerant. The old type of refrigerant has now become more expensive and harder to find. One of the many types of air conditioners is a window air conditioner.

The Window Air Conditioner system is a unit air conditioning system and consists of a compact box with all the components fitted inside it. It is placed in an open window or through a hole in an exterior wall. Most people prefer the unit installed on a window rather than have to poke holes in the wall. The system ejects heat to the outside in the condensing unit and cools the air on the inside using the evaporator and its coils.

A large house or building has to have many such units for each room. The advantage is that each room can have controlled temperature independently. The disadvantage is the cost of the entire utility bill and the cost of installation and maintenance and any repairs that take place will be quite large.

The window air conditioner has the option of a portable air conditioner. This is also a unitary air conditioner as it has all its parts on an intact compact box. It has the evaporating and the condensing unit. It is usually placed on the floor and can be attached with a hose to the wall. It can be easily moved and the available units have a capacity of 1800-18000W.It is one of the noisiest units available. These units are often found in hotels because they can be operated independently.

The cost of installation varies with the brand of air conditioner you would like for your house. The window air conditioner is recommended for smaller sized buildings or rather rooms. Depending on where you buy it some service companies offer free installation. To make sure that your unit lasts for several years you can arrange for regular maintenance checks and if you notice anything wrong it would be best to contact a qualified technician to take a look at your unit.

It is advisable to cover your unit especially during adverse weather conditions that is the condensing unit found on the outside. This will prevent damage that could lead to costly repairs and sometimes replacement of parts.