Will Modi Be The Best Prime Minister Of India?

Will Narendra Modi be the best Prime Minister of India? Now that is something we all are looking forward to in the years to come. We just hope that it acclaims to be the best of his kind and the best suitable for the post, only then can we expect India to rise above its flaws and shortcomings and be a greater nation in terms of development.

To be a good leader of a country like India, it requires a lot of perseverance, patience and hard work because nothing changes over-night. What we are today is what the former leaders had done for the development of the country. Till now our new Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi is doing pretty well in his job, at least apparently it seems so, isn’t it? Let’s just hope he keeps up his good work and does what it takes to be the best prime minister we have seen in decades.

What developments he has brought to India?

There have been a number of developments after Mr. Modi won the elections. He is successfully being able to bring economic development and streamline bureaucracy. He has been able to unite the mob to work with him in the development of our country and that is one of the most desirable characters of a good leader.

His Jan Dhan Yojna has proved to be a big hit in the country and reports say that as many as 1 crore bank accounts were started on the inauguration day itself, under this special scheme. The Swach Bharat Abhijan, which he put across also united the Indians in the quest of cleaning and keeping our country clean and making it beautiful. Modi has been working with his group of ministers to bring India up to the world class and successfully so.

Each day we find Modi government bringing up new schemes and new ideas for the social, cultural and economic development of the country and its people. Most of which are hits along with a fair share of misses. He is trying his best to win us over, but is it just for the next elections we hope not. His work seems genuinely promising.

He is working well so far, showing traits of a leader who we can tag as the best, but it is too early to say if he can be called so or if at all his government will be able to live up to the expectations we have from it. But we can still hope and pray that this time there is no mistakes and we can call him our best Prime Minister, because with that we can also hope that our country becomes one of the developed countries in the world. Or at least, move towards being one and not just remain a developing one for ages.

We look up to you Mr. Prime Minister so that you can prove and be the Best.