Why Is Sachin Tendulkar The Most Admired Cricketer By Many Indians?

“I like the balance that is seen in Sachin Tendulkar in the ground and off the ground. He plays with discipline and dedication.” These are the comments made by renowned cricketer Sunil Gavaskar about Sachin Tendulkar. What more can a great player comment about another player? By this we can know about not only Sachin’s play but also about his great character.

Sachin Tendulkar is a great cricketer and above that he is a great human being with great ethics. To attain perfection in any field, one has to concentrate his body and soul in his work. Perfection is attained only with concentration. Sachin is a good example for this. There are nearly 42 records to Sachin’s credit. This shows his style of play. He never played for time pass, he played for the country. That’s why he rose to prominence. He has numerous records to his credit which nobody could attain. There could be records to one’s credit and there could be somebody who could override them. But, Sachin is an inspiration lesson in the history of cricket.

There were many international players before Sachin and there might be international players after Sachin who may have records to their credit. Even though why is only Sachin identified as “god of cricket”? He never used the cricket for his personal use; he played with the feeling of “playing on behalf of country” till his last match, but not for personal fame.

The comments made by Ricky Ponting about Sachin – “I would have sat in the wheel chair had I played as many matches like Sachin Tendulkar” shows Sachin’s commitment for cricket. Undoubtedly his feeling of playing for the country made him to rise to this position. As a player, there might be some defects in Sachin, but he corrected them from time to time and played like a perpetual student with new strategies that are not understood by his opponents.

He never gave place to controversies, he never daunted of abuses and he answered his opponents’ provocations with his batting. He might have failed in the game sometimes, but he never decreased the standards of the game. At the time when he was close to his first double-century, even then he respected his captain’s decision of declaring the innings and he did not express his dissatisfaction.

There are no milestones in cricket that Sachin has achieved and there are no awards that Sachin has taken. In spite of achieving so much as a cricketer, he learned like a perpetual student. This shows his commitment towards cricket. “The shots of Sachin are coming into my dreams” – these are the comments made by renowned cricketer Shane Warne. This shows Sachin’s talent in cricket.

As a player, Sachin Tendulkar achieved his cricket records while preserving and maintaining the standards of the Cricket, made this game popular, inspired the 120 crores of Indians and admired by them.