Why Are The Western Countries So Advanced In Technology And We Can't?

The degree of development and progress of a country is hugely based on the technology it incorporates in the system. This is no secret that we are lacking behind in this regard. No matter how advanced our phones or laptops are, we are still far behind. But, why this gap? When we have been focusing on so many things, why can’t we be more dependent on our own technology?

Every piece of technology we use have been courtesy the western countries. Be it the phone, the computer, the television and many others in utility objects. Our hands have been fairly handicapped in this regard. The reason that is most prominent for the westerners being so successful at this is the out of the box mentality. It’s simple. They create, we follow. We have been made to believe that we are inferior and they are superior. So, we emulate what they do. This mentality has been keeping us behind them for generations.

It's no secret that the western countries are a giant squid in the field of technology. Always a step ahead of us, or rather we lag behind. From 4G in communication to the fiercy F-22 fighter jet, we are adapting it when they're already done with it. In other words, we are like a second hand buyer. We never think for ourselves.

There are some other factors contributing to this.

Firstly, the western countries are economically and socially more stable than us. While we are still fighting against polio, they’re working on wearable technology. The country that still lacks proper sanitation, food and shelter, technological advancement is a farfetched idea. Whatever finances we have, are dispensed in these fields rather than technology.

Since the western countries are free from all the prejudice, technological development is quite feasible. They have highly advanced research and development, which is a big help. Money! Since they've it, there's nothing stopping them.

The growth is not certain if it's not done root and branch viz., laying a strong base is quintessential! Lack of resources is a major hindrance here. Even if we want to dream big, we don’t have resources to fulfill them. Resources include material resources, finances, and even knowledge and education. We move to the western countries for education. We get their knowledge, but not their out of the box thinking?

Things are expanding around the world exponentially and being a part of it, we have to participate! Technological advancements are not only for the betterment of people, but they also account to the GDP of a country. While we don't lack in human resources to excel in technology world, we sure do have a long mile to cross when it comes to investing time and money into R&D (research and development). A world that is now controlled by patents, we need to move up our game and need to invest in innovation in technology, because that is where the success lies.