Why Nri Indians Speak As Though They Are The Natives Of The Migrated Countries?

An NRI is someone who is a citizen of the country- he holds an Indian passport but has migrated to another country in search of job, residence etc. The expounded form of the word is non resident of India. It is a commonly noted phenomenon that Indians living abroad generally speak as though they are the residents of the migrated country. The love for their country is not there, and there is a sincere lack of patriotism in them. Even the accent in which they communicate, speaks volumes of the respect they hold for their nation.

Most of the NRIs living abroad have immense difficulty communicating in their mother tongue- that is Hindi. Even those who speak it, they speak it in such a tone that demeans the true essence of their own language. Indians sincerely appreciate anything and everything from abroad. So when they actually start dwelling there it’s hard to find Indians who don’t ape their culture, but retain their own individuality among the foreigners. They start picking up on the language of their dwelling, caring very little about their mother tongue. They simply forget that it is a foreign language to them. Instead, they do everything possible to show how detached they are from their native land.

It is not only the mother tongue that changes, there is a lot more to it than what just meets the eye. They look down upon their own culture, tradition and value system. They simply admire and adore the foreign culture and its liberal outlook and open mindedness. They try to eradicate all that they have learned from their native land and begin to build up from scratch. They behave as if they are ashamed of who they are, their roots which have got them so far. All those festivals that they used to celebrate in India, its fervor and exuberance, everything is erased as though they never existed.

They speak about their migrated country in such a flamboyant tone as though they have always been a part of that country. People living in the United States of America who are of the Indian Origin, they get soaked in their culture. It is a rich country and has one of the most successfully running economies. The life that they lead there is different from that in India, it is more sophisticated and refined according to them. They feel that the money earned in their migrated country sets them apart. It elevates their social class. The socio economic status upgrades their style of living that finds no links with its roots.

They even pronounce their name in such a fashion to show that they are one of them. It is very depressing to see these NRIs who refuse to acknowledge their roots, and extend their gratitude to them for all the knowledge that they have imparted. The Non Resident Indians do not wish to be associated with a country which has anything to do with poverty or depravity. This indeed is a sad reality!