Why Indians Tell More Lies Than Others?

One of the most frequently asked questions travelers have in India is, “why do people in India lie so much?” It could start from the simple harmless lies to the big fat lies that malign the Indian richness and purity. It could range from a simple misconstrued truth to outright lying. However, this habit of speaking the lie is not recorded as a sin by the Indians. In fact, lying is not considered lying at all, but an adornment or decoration.

Whether to consider it sweetening or spicy: it is an attempt to hide the sawdust taste of the naked truth. Indians, they believe in the ultimate truth and the small truths spoken during the daily chores of life are often too uncomfortable to deal with, and hence, they simply neglect it such as by the governments. Afterwards, they paint a different convoluted version of reality or simply lie. The rishis and sages, the kings and saints, have always been heard meditating in the Himalayan region in search of lost truth. They sat transfixed in one position among the snowflakes, stood on one leg for several years and did all sorts of tapasa in order to be warranted a chance to peek into the truth of the mundane happiness. Now all these people had to perform heavy rituals along with the pronunciation of the right mantra. Yet it took them centuries or rather an entire lifetime to seek the truth. Here the truth that we seek for is fantastical, poetic and mystical. Truth can be argued while we are still in the state of questioning; we argue the truth repetitively throwing spiritual quotes at each other, with the motive of reaching a higher level of enquiry instead of the perfect truth.

There is also a cultural importance of lying. It is not a practiced tradition in Asia or India specifically, to say outright no to any request or question especially to any guest. Hence, if the straight question is asked to an individual who is expecting a straight answer, if the answer to the question is negative they will never utter the word no. Instead, the person who questions them would notice a small pause in the conversation as they keep aside the realms of reality. One can figure out that the person is sidestepping because they will blurt out an answer which they think the person wishes to hear.

In a land where even fast food arrives late, lying is also considered as a form of engagement or time pass. It is considered as a temporary form of entertainment which engages their senses while they wait for their chance to come. The people of India have been blessed with an outstanding ability to make an entry into a story and turn it around completely. All these story tellers never allow the truth to step in the way of a good and interesting story. Everything they say is just a piling up of what happens next.