Why Indian Education Cannot Empower To Produce World Class Products Or Service?

Indian education is not holistic. It is based on a very one track mind. It puts emphasis purely on academics and nothing else is recognized. Even the method of teaching and the courses available are too conventional. There is no emphasis on other specializations. These specialized departments are in abundance in the foreign schools. They have extra computer classes where different kinds of ethical hackings are taught. Such technology comes in very hand at the world competition level. All these specialized trainings they hold a lot of weight age to the degree earned.

In the United States of America the method of teaching education is more flexible. They allow their kids to work on skills apart from what education gives. They give the child the space and the exposure to express themselves. As a result of which along with the class room education, a child maybe training himself in chess or tennis which is very good to build up on the mental strength. The child becomes very intelligent and can cook up ideas that never come to a lay man’s mind. He is an all rounder in the true sense. He is not improving his academics but also working on his other skills which turn him into an asset for the society at large.

The education system in India is very one dimensional. They only train the child academically and that is given the maximum importance. Though we also have sports quota etc but the general mentality prevailing among the crowd is very narrow. There is no versatility as far as the Indian education system concerned. There is rote learning which is religiously practiced and preached. Children are taught to mug up from books and pour it out on the paper on the day of the exam. This doesn’t enhance the creative side of the child.

All of this can be boiled down to a few specific reasons. We need to understand that western software is superior to Indian software. Due to the technological advancement in their country the western nations are a step ahead. Secondly the marketing of western software is also better because of their funds while we suffer from paucity for the same. Thirdly and the most important reason being Indians who are capable of creating landmark in this field are bought over by the western companies. The Indian companies are ill equipped to give them their due hence they choose to go abroad and make them shine.

The only purpose of education in India is to earn one’s own livelihood. We do not have the necessary funds to encourage creativity. Hence whatever little funds we have is gone in corruption not much is left for the students to fall back upon. So if there is no flexibility in the education system then one cannot expect world class products or services being produced by those countries. The countries which can produce so have the backing of funds which is a kind of psychological boost. However in a country like ours where people starve to death how can such a vision of producing world class products be accomplished?