Who Is Better Actress Among Sridevi And Madhuri?

Sridevi and Madhuri Dixit have a special place in Bollywood film industry. Both have proved their talents. While Sridevi performed wonderfully in some fields, Madhuri proved her speciality in some fields. Both are considered as beautiful women.

Sridevi has acted in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and Hindi films. She is the first female super star of the Bollywood. She entered the film industry as a child artist. She became heroine with the film Solva Sawan. She gained stardom with the film Himmatwala and there was no need for her to lookback. Sridevi did glamour roles, heroine oriented roles, comedy roles in many films. She was praised as “All India Super Star”. With her expressions in eyes, she gave wonderful acting performance. She was also known for her dancing capabilities. Government has honoured Sridevi with the “Padma Sri” title.

Madhuri Dixit gave her entry into Bollywood through the film “Abodh” in the year 1984. She has limited her acting to Hindi films only. She attained stardom with the films “Ram Lakhan” and “Tezab” in 1989 and from then on wards, there was no need for her to look back. She has acted in many super hit films like “Beta”, “Kal Nayak”, “Hum Aapke Hai Kaun”, “Dil To Paagal Hai” etc. She was known not only for her beauty but also for her dancing. She is a good dancer. Her dance in the film “Tezab” was very much praised by the audience. Madhuri also did heroine oriented roles and glamour roles like Sridevi. Government has honoured her with the “Padma Sri” title.

Indian audience feel about Sridevi and Madhuri as girls next door. To decide who is better among them, their performance has to be considered rather than the number of films done by them. Both have equally proved their acting talents in different roles and have taken many awards and rewards. Both of them gave re-entry into the films after their marriage. But both of them have not succeeded so well after their re-entry. So, their film career seems very much similar. Their performances in acting, dance and beauty are considered as equal by film analysts and critics. But Sridevi was considered as a better actress in comedy roles than Madhuri by some film analysts and critics.