What is a boiler service?

A boiler service is the process of accessing the condition of a boiler to ensure that it functions properly. This can be done by an individual or a company for electronic servicing. Why is this important, you may ask? Boilers have been known in the past to cause severe injury and even death due to accidents linked to poor or lack of proper maintenance of boilers.

Unlike other electronic or mechanical gadgets at home which do not require regular servicing unless they break down, boilers are different. Boilers use gas to and handle a lot of pressure and heat transforming water into steam and vapor which is then transferred to where it is needed. This requires that their machinery is often exposed to high pressure and temperatures. This makes their machinery highly volatile, hence the need for consistent servicing.

Some people prefer to service their own boilers at home, using the manufacturer’s manual. But this is not recommended unless you have an engineering background or familiar with electronics and most important of all, you know what you are doing.

It is best to get a specialist Boiler service vendor, which are readily available online on the click of a button. In the United Kingdom, British gas www.britishgas.co.uk is a well known vendor of such services. They have been known to handle over 3.2 million repairs and servicing for boilers across the United Kingdom.

What a boiler service does is basically to check the condition of your boiler to ensure that it is in the best condition. Basically all they do is analyze the condition of your boiler. They check the physical condition, whether there is rust or any damage to the physical part of the boiler, identify faults in the heating system, check main boiler components such as the heat exchanger and sensor. They also ensure that there is no obstruction in the terminals, the all internal components are tightly sealed and the gas valve is in good condition and well adjusted. This goes a long way in preventing gas related accidents such as explosions.

At the end of the servicing the engineer will hand you a service contract stipulating the service he performed on the boiler including the invoice. So you will only pair for what was repaired other than just general servicing. This rule helps to protect clients, just in case the boiler breaks down again when the service company claimed to have repaired it.

Alternatively, you can take a boiler insurance cover. This is an insurance cover that takes care of all your repair works .Most electronic service companies have this splendid offer. British gas has a boiler cover too. You pay 22 pounds monthly and it covers all your regular servicing and repairs. They replace your boiler incase it gets old or happens to break down completely.

As the world aspires to go green, many homes are opting for environment friendly devices such as boilers in place of electronic water heaters. It is only a matter of time before we see boiler service companies come up worldwide. Boilers are back people!