What is a black diamond?

In today’s society one may think that black diamond isn’t really diamond. But the fact is that it is real diamond in all aspects that diamond can be referred to as diamond. The main mystery is that as all other diamonds sparkles the black diamond is dull since it absorbs light rather than refracting it. It is the toughest form of natural diamond with an impure form of polycrystalline diamond be made up of of diamond, graphite, and amorphous carbon. It is mined from the alluvial deposits in the Central African Republic and also in Brazil. Actually it is found in younger sedimentary rocks.

It is more permeable than other diamonds.

It’s also referred to as Carbonado since it is a carbon crystal. In terms of being pretty its not. But if you are after diamond it will do just as fine but don’t compromise your taste. Always get the type that you really designer if it is this black jewel then go get it!

The natural black diamond is quite rare and naturally very expensive (not easily acquired).

There are many schools of thought that try to explain the origin of the black color among them being that the blackness occurs due to:

Dark inclusions (the other minerals found in it structure) among such minerals are those with compositions of Si, Sic, and FeNi.

Changes in a white diamond due to high temperatures or radiation.

It exhibits a strong luminescence (photoluminescence and cathodoluminescence) induced by nitrogen and by vacancies existing in the crystal lattice. Luminescence radiances are present around inclusions that are radioactive and it is suggested that this radiation damage in the black diamond occurred after its formation.

Most black diamonds in the market today undergo a gemstones treatment. This process that dates back to several centuries. In fact, this is what has contributed to people knowing our black diamond gemstones. An untreated ore looks nowhere near the form it is used in today’s jewelry market.

The main reason of treating Black diamonds is so as to achieve the uniformity of black color which is the norm of the industry- so long as you are not buying a black diamond believing it to be a natural black diamond.

Although many may be of the opinion that due to its inability to sparkle it isn’t used much in jewelry, the facts on the ground is that it is very much preferred as it bring a touch of elegancy in most of the products. Some of the products that this precious gem is used are: black diamond wedding rings for women, women’s wedding bands with black diamonds, men’s black diamond wedding bands, black diamond earrings for men, black diamond stud earrings for men.

This is a 1 CT. T.W. Enhanced Black and White Diamond

Knot Ring in Sterling Silver.

At a glance one needs not be convinced that products mades of these Bold, mysterious and alluring, black diamonds are the hottest trends in jewelry today.