What is The Best Laptop Brand

Your premium brand had better be delivering something special, or it's not going to get the business[footnoteRef:2]. From Warren Buffet’s line of thought brand is everything to the manufacturer, business person and the buyer. When readers ask us (and they often do), “What laptop should I buy?”, most of them really mean, “Which brand name should I look for?” That’s a tough question to answer, because there are so many factors to consider. How did a company’s systems perform on our benchmark tests? How good is the company’s support? Are the company’s systems well made on both the inside and the outside[footnoteRef:3]? Getting the best laptop brand means getting the best quality machine which would last for decades and still remains fun to use. What exactly do we refer to when we say laptop brand? I would (in my own understanding) view it to be the type of laptop manufacture by a particular company with unique design and features and given a particular name. [2: Warren Buffet.] [3: Laptop Mag editow.www.laptopmag.com]

Different companies such as Clevo have come up with variety of laptop brand but the real question is which among these many brands of laptop stands out to be the best. Design is the ingredient within a brand of laptop and design is king. If most laptops within a given class, and with similar components, are going to run similarly, it's the look and feel that's really going to push you toward one model over another[footnoteRef:4]. Like any personal accessory, such as a jacket or a pair of glasses, you should choose a laptop with a style and design that works for you, as well as one with a keyboard and touch pad you find comfortable and easy to use[footnoteRef:5].If you can’t type comfortably or move the cursor around on a laptop with ease, the machine is doomed. We award these 15 points based on keyboard travel, flex and responsiveness. Touchpads should offer easy navigation, easy-to-use buttons and fluid gesture support[footnoteRef:6]. [4: www.cnet.com/topics/laptops/ buying guide] [5: www.cnet.com/topics/laptops/ buying guide] [6: www.laptopmag.com ]

Currently Apple MacBook Air13’’ is the best laptop brand with the Apple company so far winning the best laptop brand within seven years consecutively in the PCMag readers award. Such is the joy of producing the best brand in the market. This is can be followed by Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and Alienware 17 respectively.

Notably in choosing the best laptop brand certain factors are put into consideration. This include the portability, ultra portability, RAM size, screen size ( inch) and adjustment, design, the Central Processing Unit (CPU),laptop battery life and durability. According to www.laptopmag.com the rating according to brand is as follows:










But recently the same PCMag did provide the laptop brand rating as below:

They came to this grading by considering the following categories : review, tech support, design, keyboard $ touchpads, display$ audio, innovation, value & selection, and software. In the category of design the things considered are materials used, durability and colour.