What Is Web Design And Development

Today the terms web development and web design are virtually substitutable as web companies are alternating them in a manner in which they describe their services to the customers. The reality is that the two terms have different meaning, and each one of the terms is very useful in the process of creating a website. When you are looking for an expert to either design your site or develop it, you should be very careful on about the services offered by each of the professional to avoid confusion. To make thing clear, let’s discuss the differences found from web design and web development.

The difference between a web development and the web design

We may refer web design as the visual portion of the site and its usability. A web designer can use different programs to create the layout and other virtual elements of a site. Some of the programs that web designers use may include Adobe Photoshop to make the site look more beautiful to the viewers.

When you read more about the web developers, you will realize that the work of the professional is to take a website design and then make it a performing website from it. Web development involves the use of HTML, JavaScript, CSS and other languages of programming to give life to the design files.

The work of a web designer begins with taking a consideration of the objectives of the website of the client and then proceeding to an information architecture (who plans the information hierarchy and assist in guiding the design process).A web designer can use various basic principles to attain a beautifully appealing layout, that is comfortable for the users. Some of the core values used to design a website include, balance, contrast, Emphasis, consistency, unity among others.

Web development, which sometimes is called web programming, is closely related to web design since these two go hand in hand. Web developers take the design build by the web designer and develop it fully into a functioning site. After the designer has done his/ her work, the developer breaks it up into its constituents. The developer then uses a more dynamic approach or simply the HTML integrating programming languages e.g. PHP to develop different web pages of the site. Also, the web developer may convert a motionless layout into a lively site by the use of images and content slider, and any other interactive components.

The fact that web development and web design are different terms, one person can do both jobs. It is possible to find a trained person with both skills. So if you are looking for either of the professions, asks your expert what he or she is adequately trained and experienced in. This means that a single person can attain all the skills of a web developer and a web design making it easier for website owners to find the right person for the tow jobs. Just because you have found a company or an expert who can do web development and web design don’t get confused and think that this is one profession.