What Is A Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization that is over and over again abbreviated as SEO is a process whereby the prominence of a webpage in a search engine result can be controlled. The manipulation of websites leads to higher ranking of the sites, thus increasing the number of online users' visiting the more top ranked sites. For Google search engine to list a website in the search engine results whenever a user enters a particular keyword or keywords, it uses an algorithm to search for various things.

Keywords are a group of words that an Internet users type into the search engine of Google when they are searching for a specific product or service. For instance, if you want to search for the best SEO in Company in India, you can type in “best SEO Company in India” in the search engine and you will be given the results that Google feels would give you satisfaction. Having all that in your mind, you can simply say that SEO is optimizing the website of a business person to become the best among the best likely result for a particular set of keywords.

For the SEO companies to find the perfect keyword for a given business they use the Google’s keyword planner. Google keyword planner tool permits the user to enter a set of keywords while the planner tells you the number of times the phrase of words is typed into the search engine each month. Anytime you are performing online searches, and it happens that you enter a variation of keywords the planner tool also provides the phrases that resemble the ones you are typing in. Thus, it the best ways for anyone to know the kind of languages that the users use when searching for a specific kind of products and services.

The most important thing that Google looks for when ranking a website is; titles, keywords, back links, and density. The subject of a site needs to have your keywords in them. For example, when an SEO company wants to rank for the phrases’ Best SEO company ‘, the title of the web page that is begin optimized should start with exactly those keywords. Just like in the above example’ best SEO Company in India.'

The next step that follows is implementing the keywords within the post. Keyword density which is the number of times that a keyword is stated within a post is supposed to be around 2-3 percent, Google to see that it is significant. Adding the keywords too many times or too few could make Google see you as either a spammer or irrelevant. Back links are links from other websites which are related to another link of businesses.

So, SEO is simply the means of connecting online users to services and products they are searching for. This means if you can only make your titles, keywords and back links relevant enough to the user’s search , you could be ranked highly in the Google search engine. When people are looking for products or services similar to yours, they will find you easily and quickly.