Web Developer Interview Questions And Answers

Web development interview questions are very many, and you should expect any question from your interview. The questions and answers you find online are not the only web development questions but more and more are out there. The top-secret is having the desire to learn something new every day. The only way you can learn is by creating time to do online research and find out more interviews question that are asked during an interview session.

In this article, we are shall be discussing the most common web development interview questions that many companies may ask you personally in an interview as a CSS web developer or even a front-end web programmer. The reality is that there is no fixed pattern for the questions and answers, but it all depends on the person who is interviewing you. And also it may depend on the level at which you are prevailing.

The web development interview questions answers can be grouped into three levels;

The entry level-This is the class of interview questions which are mainly allocated to the persons who are going for their first web development interview; As soon as they have completed their studies. These questions are usually directed to the experts who are out of college, and they are seeking employment meaning that they don’t have outside experience in the industry.

Some of the Entry level questions and the answers you can expect from your interviewer may include some simple questions such as

What is does CSS mean

Web development, CSS is a style sheet programming language used to explain the demonstration of a document created in a markup language. Cascading Style sheets, CSS is a new feature that is being added to HTML that provides website designers and web developers and other users more control over how web pages are displayed.

The intermediate level-The interview questions asked at this stage are a bit complicated, and the interviewer expects you to answers them in a more detailed manner than how the entry level person can tackle them.

Explain the difference between DIV and Span

In both HTML and XHTML, Span and DIV are elements used where the parts of a document cannot be adequately defined by other HTML components. The differences are many, but the major one is that SPAN does not perform formatting on its own. Besides the DIV tag is usually used as a paragraph break because it creates a logical division of the documents in which it is used.

The answers to these questions are broad, and the interviewer expects you to answer according to your level of education and understanding.

And the expert level- At this level you should expect the questions to be more complicated and the answers very broad. These are not necessarily questions, but life queries correlated to the daily life experience related to the work the experts are doing daily.

There is not one person who knows exactly what will be asked in an interview, so learning the tricks and tips on how to answers and many web development queries is the secret to success.