We witnessed the release of iPhone 6 on September 2014 as had been expected. It may seem a bit too early to start anticipating for the release of the next generation iPhone but too much speculation on the probable iPhone model is nothing to ignore.

Analyzing the previous release dates of Apple iPhone, it is quite accurate to say that the new release is due on September 2015. This is despite the speculation that Apple is likely to be releasing new iPhones twice per year to counteract and improve competition.

One inciting question is on the name that the next device will bear. Apple has a traditional naming convention and if it sticks to it then the new device is likely to be called iPhone 6S as opposed to iPhone 7. This prediction is well, just a prediction, given that the spreading rumors say that Apple is considering to drop the ‘S’ naming. Reasons for this are that the naming is negatively perceived with the released device being seen as “not a completely new iPhone” but rather a stepping stone/ forerunner to the next iPhone. Others also rumor that the iPhone will be given the name iPhone Air.

Some Speculated Features of IPhone 7

a) Design

The slimmer, lighter and rounder design of the iPhone 6 is expected to be maintained. In case a new design is introduced, it could be thicker than the iPhone 6 and have “sidewalls displays”

More durable material is to be used for iPhone 7 plus the incorporation of technological elements used in Apple Watch to the iPhone 7 e.g. Apple Watch display can detect finger pressure so will the iPhone 7’s display expected to do (though just a part of the display)

Sapphire glass is to be used in order to make the handset intentionally flexible.

b) Display

IPhone 7 will feature a 3D display where the “naked eye 3D screen” is used i.e. a 3D screen that does not require glasses to see.

c) Battery Life

Owing to the concern on the iPhones battery life, the iPhone 7 is assumed to make use of solar power where the phone will be charging all day through with the solar cells on the display of iPhone7. This means that walking under the sun will help increase the battery life.

d) Size

Apple is expected to stick to the 4.7 inch screen size or better still make it bigger. Chances of reducing the screen size are almost none.

Its weight is proposed to be 129 grams similar to the iPhone 6 but with a look of a phablet than a regular smartphone.

e) Camera

Significant improvement is anticipated over the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. Some sources suggest that the iPhone 7’s camera will have two lens systems helping users to capture “DSLR- quality imagery”. This may be the biggest camera leap in the iPhone industry.

f) Apple Patents

IPhone 7 could have patents like face recognition for unlocking the device and or the whole display could be a TouchID fingerprint sensor hence eliminating the need for a home button and thus make the display larger.