Trane air conditioners

There are many installation types such as the window air conditioner, the split systems, the mini split system and the largest type of installation which is the central air conditioner. Always get a unit that is the perfect size, a small air conditioning unit will not effectively cool the house and a unit that is too large will run your bills too high as it turns on and off unnecessarily. It is always recommended to get a contractor to get you the best deal and for him to check your house for the most suitable type of unit. The contractor will check window dimensions, any previous duct work, the floor surfaces and the overall size of the house. Based on this information he will then select the most suitable fit with a high SEER rating for your house.

The AC is comprised of a system whose main fluid is Freon. The Freon is pressurized by the compressor and thus becomes hotter because it usually absorbs the heat around. The hot gas is taken to various parts where it loses the heat. The cooler the Freon becomes it changes state from gas to liquid. From this cool liquid cold air is blown to your car. Recent studies have now shown that Freon R-12 is harmful and causes depletion of the ozone layer and therefore led to the invention of R-134a which even though is less efficient is not causing environmental harm. Your technician can organize the replacement of your AC refrigerant to the eco-friendly R-134a.

The AC has major parts such as the compressor, the condenser, the evaporator, the drier or the accumulator and the pipes and valves involved in controlling movement of Freon.

  • The Compressor is the centre of your ac system and it is run by an engine belt and its role is usually to compress the refrigerant thereby increasing its temperature. As the Freon absorbs heat it changes state from liquid to gas.
  • The Condenser is similar to a radiator though it is smaller in size and is usually mounted at the front of the car adjacent to the radiator. In some models the condenser has an electric cooling fan, too. The hot, compressed air passes through the condenser and becomes cooler. As it cools, it becomes a liquid.
  • The Evaporator is the part where air is released and therefore passes through the cool refrigerant to deliver a cool breeze. The refrigerant becomes warmer here and changes back to gas as it takes heat from the air and absorbs it.
  • The Thermal Expansion Valve is responsible for the control of the flow of cool refrigerant to the evaporator.
  • The Drier or Accumulator is responsible for absorbing any liquid Freon that would otherwise escape using a desiccant. The desiccant absorbs all stray liquid Freon. This is important because the liquid would become corrosive and cause the compressor to become defective which is a very expensive part to replace.
  • So when you find your car ac system is not working you can call a technician who will perform various tests before making his recommendations on whether they will either repair or replace the parts that are not working. He will also issue you with what such repairs or replacements will cost. The technicians will also advice you to get regular maintenance checks to prevent sudden and inconvenient breakdowns.